Become A Tutor

Become A Tutor

Do you have a knack for explaining often difficult subject matter? Tutoring can be a great way to earn extra income and work around an existing schedule. To get started, simply register on our site and create a tutor profile. After completing your subject certification testing you’ll become eligible to work with students and gain access to marketing materials to help you along the way.

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Who We’re Looking For

Some Knowledge Roundtable tutors are experienced educators with years of teaching and tutoring experience. But not all. Others are students, writers, analysts, and even nurses.

But what every tutor shares is a passion for the advancement of knowledge. Our tutors are eager to share their knowledge with students and are dedicated to helping students learn.

We are looking for tutors that share this passion.

Why Work For Us?

The Knowledge Roundtable is different because when you become a tutor with us we a) let you set your own rate, b) offer incentives to increase your commission right away, and c) provide resources that give you a competitive edge.

Tutor’s Responsibilities vs. Ours

When you become a tutor with The Knowledge Roundtable, you set your own hourly rate and make your own arrangements with students. We provide resources and coaching, but ultimately it is your responsibility to teach students the material, develop test taking strategies, and facilitate overall student success.

Our responsibilities are to find students for you, process payments, and provide you with the resources necessary to be an effective tutor. We strive to maintain thin margins to keep your take-home pay as high as possible.

Payment Structure

Base Pay

You have control over your earnings with the hourly rate that you set. You will receive that rate less a percentage paid to Knowledge Roundtable for its services. The percentage is based on the total number of hours you have tutored to students matched through the Knowledge Roundtable. Your pay percentage is outlined below:

# Hours Worked Pay %
0 – 20 60
21 – 50 65
51 – 200 70
201 – 400 75
400+ 80

The rate is maxed out at 80% so that we can offer parents discounts on packages of hours and ultimately encourage them to stay with you longer.


Longevity Bonus: After the first 10 hours with a student you will receive a 5% commission bonus for all subsequent hours with that student.

Prior to working with your first student, you have the opportunity to increase your take home pay with the following commission bonuses:

  • 60% Starting Commission
  • +2% for Social Engagement
  • +3% for Local Engagement
  • +5% for Online Content Creation

These bonuses are permanent once earned, but can only be earned prior to working with your first student. After being assigned to your first student you will no longer be eligible to earn them.

Social Engagement

Raise your commission and help us find more students and tutors by engaging with our social media presence. Follow or friend us on at least 3 of the social networks below.

Local Engagement

To qualify for this bonus, you must do one of the following (contact us for instructions):

  • Maintain a craigslist ad linking to your tutor profile
  • Refer a student to us
  • Post our flyers in your town

Online Content Creation

In all likelihood, you are an expert in something. We want you to share your expertise with all of our students and tutors.

  • Write a blog post on our site
    • Your target audience can be either students or tutors/teachers
  • Add a link to your tutor profile on your personal webpage

Referral Bonus

If you refer a student to The Knowledge Roundtable, your rate with that student will be 85%. If you do not work with them, you will still receive a $25 bonus for the referral.

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