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Affordable SAT prep classes taught in an engaging roundtable format. Boost your score for that competitive edge during the college admissions process. Each class runs for the 8 weeks leading up to an SAT test date.

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The Knowledge Roundtable is an online marketplace for tutors and students. We have over 900 tutors listed, and our network is growing fast!

Our mission is to help make important connections between students and educators. We simplify the tutor search process so you can focus on learning.

The Knowledge Roundtable helps students from across the Northeast connect with local tutors. Our searchable tutor directory makes it easy to find an in-home tutor in any subject. Search over 900 tutors and read testimonials from past students.

We value our tutors and offer complimentary advising in basic tutoring skills, relationship building, and marketing. If you’re a tutor and are interested in receiving professional development coaching, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We also offer affordable SAT prep classes in Exeter NH, complete with a proprietary suite of workbooks and an advanced online system that tracks homework progress, analyzes practice test results, and offers 2500+ practice problems with 60+ hours of video. The resources we offer and the technology we utilize rival the big national brands, at a fraction of the price.

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