3 Side Hustles for Tutors

side hustles for tutors

3 Side Hustles for Tutors

For many people, tutoring is a way to earn some extra money. For others, tutoring is a full-fledged career. Regardless of the role tutoring plays in your personal financial situation, there are times when having a little extra money on hand can make a big difference!

Since most tutoring clients are typically unavailable during the day, tutors have a ready-made window of opportunity to earn some supplemental income. Here are three side hustles that fit nicely within the hours that your local students are in school:

1.     Substitute Teaching

If educating truly is your passion, why not make it an all-day affair? Substitute teaching is a great way to not only earn some extra income, but it also will help you to become a better tutor.

While the process to become a substitute teacher varies by state, most people can become eligible for substitute teaching jobs with some combination of college credits and the completion of state-mandated background checks.

By working in a variety of classrooms, with a variety of different content, and a range of age groups, you are building experience that can carry over into your tutoring practice.

To be fair, spending a few days in a high school pre-calculus class isn’t going to instantly make you an expert, but the exposure might give you an idea of a content area worth venturing into to expand your expertise.

2.     Online Tutoring in Different Time Zones

Just because kids in your time zone are at school, doesn’t mean learners everywhere are in school. With the rise of online tutoring opportunities, it is more feasible than ever to pick up virtual tutoring jobs with clients from across the country and across the globe.

Consider registering with The Knowledge Roundtable as an online tutor to pick up tutoring opportunities that would otherwise be outside the normal private tutoring hours in your locale.

For a wider range of potential working hours, go global! If you have a solid English background, there are also a growing number of opportunities to help international clients learn and practice the English language.

Be careful, however. As with all online transactions, be sure to carry out your due diligence before accepting any positions or sharing personal information with an online client.

3.     Creating Educational Content for Teachers and Tutors

Sites like Teachers Pay Teachers give educators an opportunity to share their original materials and lessons with others for free or a fee. This type of work won’t lead to an early retirement, but it’s a nice way to turn your creations into some extra cash and generate some passive income.

If you create larger works, like a complete study guide or a comprehensive curriculum, consider exploring other self-publishing options like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing where you could earn better royalties and increased exposure for your efforts.

Bonus: Even More Side Hustles!

If you are looking for an additional way to earn money outside the realm of education, there are numerous ways you can put the full range of your skills to work. Check out this list of job ideas ideally suited for college students or tutors looking to pick up some extra income in unique and flexible ways.

How do you supplement your tutoring income? What have been some of your favorite side hustles? Share your experiences with your fellow readers in the comments below!

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Sheldon Soper is a ten year veteran of the teaching profession and currently serves as a junior high school teacher in southern New Jersey. His primary focus is building reading, writing, and research skills in his students. He holds two degrees from Rutgers University: a B.A. in History as well as a M.Ed. in Elementary Education. He holds teaching certifications in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Elementary Education. Sheldon has also worked as a tutor for grades ranging from second through high school in a wide variety of subjects including reading, writing, calculus, chemistry, algebra, and test prep. In addition to his teaching career, Sheldon is also a content writer for a variety of education, technology, and parenting websites.

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