Automating Your Scheduling, Accounting & Tutoring Records

Contributed by Kath Thoresen of Oases Online and The Tutor Report

As a tutor working alone or as part of a thriving tutoring organization, there comes a time when you need to make the jump from managing your operation on spreadsheets and calendars to adding a tutoring management system to your team.

But it can be an ominous task. Why is that? Well if you have become busy enough to need a system then time is a scarce resource. You know you should move to an automated system to save time but cannot find the time to move to the automated system, let alone find the system that will be the best for your particular requirements – Sound familiar?

Well I invite you to take a look at Oases Online, the best and most flexible tutoring, after school or child care management system out there. I’m not just saying that because I work for oases, I say that because I have tested the competition!

Find the exact tutor for your students prior to scheduling with Intelligent match. Filter your tutors by availabilty, specialist subjects and proximity to student.

Find the exact tutor for your students prior to scheduling with Intelligent match. Filter your tutors by availabilty, specialist subjects and proximity to student.

Oases Online helps you find the correct tutor for the correct student based on availability, proximity and specialist teaching or coaching subjects. Then you can schedule sessions based on the customer’s requirements with or without invoicing for the services first. All the information feeds to the invoice area and payroll so the tasks that used to keep you up burning the midnight oil are simply at the press of a button. Learning Plans, Progress Reports, Invoicing and Payroll all at the press of a button, sounds amazing right?

But Oases is not just an online software, it is a member of your team; with free training, unlimited free ticket support we develop a relationship with your key administrators and get to know your program to enable you to get the most from your new team member.

So how do we deal with the time issue? Well, you can bulk import all your staff, students and parents with starting balances to get going or you can opt for the Oases Online Concierge Service, where we can load everything for you and get you into a position to start on a set day. Being trained on your own data makes so much more sense as you know what the data is supposed to look like.

Pay for what you use and only what you use, with the option to use our built in Achieve tests for Math and Language Arts, that create instant targeted learning plans aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

But don’t take my word for it, request an online demonstration and ask our demonstrator to show you what you need the most, like bulk or recurring invoicing or the instant scheduling. It will change the way you run your business forever and if you find change too scary, don’t worry, we hold your hand throughout the process.

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Jared, founder of The Knowledge Roundtable, is passionate about the advancement of knowledge. He has a B.S. in astronomy and physics from UMass and an MBA in Advanced Financial Analytics, also from UMass. He has a day job as a Data Scientist in Boston. He has over 500 hours of tutoring experience in everything from algebra to writing. He taught our SAT prep group courses for two years in NH, and before that developed educational content for math, stats, and finance textbooks for two years. His teaching style is hands-on with a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking.