Benefits Of Tutoring

Benefits Of Tutoring

The secret of winning is ‘deliberate practice,’ where an expert coach takes you through well-designed training over months or years, and you give it your full concentration.

Tutoring is the most efficient and effective way for a student to learn.

Benefits Of Tutoring

The benefits of tutoring are numerous. They stem primarily from the unmatched feedback and individual attention students receive.

During a tutoring session, a student receives instantaneous feedback from their tutor at every stage. Tutors provide insights on everything from how well students approach problems to whether they have gaps in their knowledge. A tutor can coach a student on how to simplify a complex task, saving not only time but confusion and frustration. A tutor can also identify the reasons for a student’s mistakes and help the student correct them immediately.

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Without a tutor, the student may continue taking the long way, or worse yet, the wrong way. There is a risk of reinforcing misconceptions when taking the do-it-yourself approach.

Relying solely on in-class instruction can also be precarious. In large classrooms, direct interaction between student and teacher is rare. Students can easily lose focus, and, unfortunately, often do. Fortunately, one-on-one tutoring sessions make it easy for students to stay focused. It’s just them and the tutor working together; it is an active and engaging process, free of distraction.

Better grades, better test scores, and beyond

The obvious benefits of tutoring include improved grades and test scores. But the benefits go well beyond those superficial measures, as the case study below demonstrates.

Amanda’s Success Story: Amanda was a hard working student who had been committing at least 5 hours per week to her SAT prep. In the first 5 weeks that we worked together, we saw little progress, as measured by her stagnant practice test scores. But I knew she was learning new material and building relevant knowledge for the test. There was a disconnect between her knowledge and her test scores.

This disparity is routine for a seasoned tutor. At this point, it was obvious that Amanda needed more than just practice. She needed coaching on The Art of Test Taking. After a few targeted questions I was able to identify a quirk in her thought process. Her mind was becoming bored easily; even while we talked her eyes and mind would wander, searching for some more potent stimulus. I explained my observation to her, and instructed her to overcome boredom by using her imagination to stimulate her mind while performing the dull task of SAT prep. Five weeks later her SAT score improved by 260 points.

Clearly, the benefits of tutoring for Amanda went well beyond the SAT. She now has a tool to get her mind more fully engaged in any dry but necessary task. She has refined her ability to focus, which will pay dividends throughout her life.

The benefits of tutoring can be short-term and targeted or long-term and far-reaching. Is tutoring right for your son or daughter?

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About Jared R

Jared, founder of The Knowledge Roundtable, is passionate about the advancement of knowledge. He has a B.S. in astronomy and physics from UMass and an MBA in Advanced Financial Analytics, also from UMass. He has a day job as a Data Scientist in Boston. He has over 500 hours of tutoring experience in everything from algebra to writing. He taught our SAT prep group courses for two years in NH, and before that developed educational content for math, stats, and finance textbooks for two years. His teaching style is hands-on with a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking.

  1. gilliandunn8 11/25/2013, 4:16 am Reply

    Very true self studying and having a tutor both has its different advantages. Student who just cannot do something by himself do need home tutor. A good home tutor do act as a friend and a teacher who helps students to have a clear approach towards studies.

  2. Jasper Whiteside 12/05/2016, 4:48 pm Reply

    I have found that just a simple explanation that I can respond to and ask questions about is the fastest way to understand. Tutoring works on many levels, even if it is just as simple as helping the student focus. This one on one learning process can be helpful for many students.

  3. Braden Bills 05/16/2017, 12:25 pm Reply

    I want to make sure that my son understands his math. He’s been having a really hard time with it, though. It seems like a math tutor could really help him out! I might have to see if I can get one that will make this easier for him.

  4. Vinay Kumar 05/26/2017, 4:53 am Reply

    I completely agree with your blog because if someone want to hire a tutor then firstly they should select the right and famous tutor because everything is depend on your hard work and tutor’s guidance.

  5. Becca Holton 01/11/2018, 4:47 pm Reply

    My niece is struggling in one of her classes. I’ve been brainstorming with her mother about what can be done to help her out. I’ll have to let my sister know that it’s better to stay away from the do-it-yourself approach since you said that you’re at higher risk of reinforcing misconceptions using that method.