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Why Every Tutor Should Set Up an LLC

This article is not intended as legal advice. It is the opinions of the author only and does not necessarily represent the views of The Knowledge Roundtable. Please consult legal consul before making any decisions regarding your business’ incorporation.

Why Every Tutor Should Set Up an LLC

Tutoring is a great avenue for starting your own business. There is limited overhead, a consistent pool of potential clientele, and the work …

Study Strategies for Med School Competitive Exams

Balance Med School and Competitive Exams Like a Pro with These Study Strategies

Being a med student is anything but easy. While you can take a moment to celebrate your admission into a renowned medical school, you must start working on a study plan for the next four years. Being a highly intensive course, you will be required to put in extra hours to ensure that you are on top …

Tutoring Accommodations for Children with Anxiety

Tutoring Accommodations for Children with Anxiety

Increasingly parents are relying on after-hours tutors to help bridge the gap between what is learned during day classes, and what each child needs to master to be successful as a student.  However, for children with clinical anxiety, there may be additional benefits that can help provide relief from stress, while building emotional and academic strengths.

Is there more to tutoring than creating familiarity …

How Does Self Awareness Emerge?

In a recent post about the definition of knowledge, I discussed how knowledge manifests from relational maps in the nervous system, mainly within the brain. In this article, I aim to answer the question “How does self awareness emerge?” within the context of those same relational maps.

How Does Self Awareness Emerge?

As mentioned in the article cited above, neural networks serve as the physical substrate for relational …

What Is Knowledge?

We all aspire to possess knowledge, but really, what is knowledge? If you are reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’re not satisfied with the dictionary definition of “facts acquired by a person through experience.” How exactly does a person “acquire” facts? Facts are not physical objects, so they are not acquired in the same way that, say, a book is acquired. Furthermore, computers are capable of acquiring vast …

Elevate Your Mind

Elevate Your Mind

What does it mean to elevate your mind? What are the benefits of thinking on a higher level? This article will answer these questions, and offer a few suggestions to increase your mental capacity.


Ask yourself the following question: if a brilliant thinker were to spend a day inside your head, would they be interested in your thoughts? If you think small and simple, like all …

Achieving Your Highest Potential

Visceral Focus: State Of Highest Potential

The road to success and knowledge is paved with visceral focus.

A state of intense concentration is an essential ingredient for high achievers. I argue that such concentration stems from the gut, and that anxiety must be transformed into this visceral focus in order to perform at one’s peak.

What Is Visceral Focus?

The term visceral focus does not exist in the common lexicon …