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DIY Minimalist Desk Ideas

DIY Minimalist Desk Ideas

Creating a space for learning is a crucial part in maximizing educational growth.  In a world that is constantly adding new distractions and ways to interrupt, purposeful curation of the workspace can make the difference between being productive or off task. Whether you are a teacher, tutor, parent or student, you need an effective place to work.

Solely removing the distractions from your current …

Makerspaces: Tinkering to Learn at Home

Makerspaces: Tinkering to Learn at Home

The idea of makerspaces has come a long way since I was a child. When I was growing up there was an endless supply of textiles, ingredients and components in which I could tinker, play and construct. I had my very own makerspace: nature. The great outdoors was a cornucopia of materials and inspiration. My mother would send my sister and I outside for …

Promoting Summer Growth Through Project Based Learning

When summer vacation hits and students leave their classrooms behind, too often they leave learning behind as well. The result is a “summer slide” that leaves students playing catch-up when they return to school in the fall.

So the problem is, how can we as tutors, educators, and parents help prevent this “summer slide”? One thing is for sure, if we are …

Using Innovation Competitions to Motivate Students

Using Innovation Competitions to Motivate Students

Over the past 20 years, advancements in science, technology, and communication have transformed our world. If you trace any one of these advancements back to their roots, you are likely to uncover the story of a person or team who dared to break from traditional thinking and approach a common problem in a new way.

Whether it’s a billionaire visionary like Bill Gates who …

Summer Programs For At Risk Youth

Summer Programs for At Risk Youth

It’s finally the summer!! Everyone should be out celebrating, planning summer get togethers, and kids should be mapping out how they will studiously ignore their summer school work.

But for some the summer is filled with dread and anxiety because for some their teen’s attitude and home life can be less than ideal. For some, without the structure of school that can mean more …