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Turn mediocre grades into exceptional grades

Turn mediocre grades into exceptional grades

When you notice that your child is under performing in school, it is only natural to want him or her to do better. But actually achieving that goal – improving grades with consistency, over the long-term – is often incredibly challenging. This is when it is important to step back, study the entire situation, and form a plan that can actually get you and …

Knowledge Roundtable Accepted Into Mentorship Program

Knowledge Roundtable accepted into mentorship program

It’s 2015 and The Knowledge Roundtable is ready to make this our year! It’s our pleasure to announce that we have been accepted into Valley Venture Mentors (VVM) Mentorship program!

The Knowledge Roundtable is one of twelve other startups who have been accepted into the 2015 class out of over 40 applicants. …

Is Your Child “Just Getting By?”

Is Your Child “Just Getting By?”

It’s not always easy to know whether your child needs help in school. In any case, it’s important you understand and are able to recognize certain signs of trouble. While your child “just getting by” may have sufficed, those problems have a strong tendency of eventually catching up with them at school. The best solution is to notice those signs early and get your …

Address self-esteem issues early

Address self-esteem issues early

Every parent knows just how important positive self-image is and many have read the literature that proclaims the numerous benefits your teen will reap from having high self-esteem. Yet what these articles don’t point out is how hard it is to maintain healthy self-esteem throughout one’s teen years, which are littered with changes, unforgiving social hierarchies, and puberty.

My aim here is two-fold. I want to …

How to motivate your teenager

How to Motivate Your Teenager

A common complaint I heard from parents and teachers growing up are how lazy and unmotivated the American teenager is in the 21st century.  Parents think that today’s teen’s care more about what Instagram filter to use on their photo than finishing their Trigonometry packet, writing their English essay, or studying for tests.

As someone who isn’t all that far removed from their teenaged years …