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Effective Time Management for Teens

Effective Time Management for Teens

If you are like most teens, the demands on your time continue to grow. You are faced with harder classes, more extracurricular activities, and part time jobs—but you know what doesn’t grow? The number of hours in the day!

So, you might be at your wits end because there just isn’t enough time in the day to do that Calculus packet, to work at your …

How Does Self Awareness Emerge?

In a recent post about the definition of knowledge, I discussed how knowledge manifests from relational maps in the nervous system, mainly within the brain. In this article, I aim to answer the question “How does self awareness emerge?” within the context of those same relational maps.

How Does Self Awareness Emerge?

As mentioned in the article cited above, neural networks serve as the physical substrate for relational …

What Is Knowledge?

We all aspire to possess knowledge, but really, what is knowledge? If you are reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’re not satisfied with the dictionary definition of “facts acquired by a person through experience.” How exactly does a person “acquire” facts? Facts are not physical objects, so they are not acquired in the same way that, say, a book is acquired. Furthermore, computers are capable of acquiring vast …

How Do You KNOW That You Know?

Some people have a knack for quickly learning and mastering new concepts or skills. As one of these fortunate individuals, and also as someone who has worked with dozens of students in an attempt to help them master new concepts, I possess a body of experience that leads me to conclude the following: effective learning requires the process of self-verification, or, the process of answering the question “how do you …

How To Find The Right Tutor

How To Find The Right Tutor For Your Child

So you’ve made the decision to find a tutor for your child. Great. But how do you know when you’ve found the right tutor? As a professional tutor, I’ve seen the impact that strong rapport can have on a student’s learning outcomes. It’s not always enough that a tutor be knowledgeable and experienced; they must also be a person to whom …