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Make Student Practice Deliberate and Worth the Effort

Make Student Practice Deliberate and Worth the Effort

Ask any all-star athlete, world-class musician, or expert craftsman about how they rose to the top of their field. One word will always appear – practice. It takes repetition and sustained engagement to yield growth.

However, today’s educators face a climate where, in many cases, homework has become a dirty word. Teachers assign assignments to be completed outside of class that return …

Promoting Summer Growth Through Project Based Learning

When summer vacation hits and students leave their classrooms behind, too often they leave learning behind as well. The result is a “summer slide” that leaves students playing catch-up when they return to school in the fall.

So the problem is, how can we as tutors, educators, and parents help prevent this “summer slide”? One thing is for sure, if we are …

Tutoring Twins: The Disruptive Aspect of Adaptive Learning

Tutoring Twins: The Disruptive Aspect of Adaptive Learning

The debate about whether to separate twins in educational settings isn’t a new one.  For identical twins who garner the most attention and psycho-social accommodations, educational and social settings frequently fail to address individual needs.

Educators, family members and friends tend to view twins as two sides of the same coin, and can expect twins to have the same skills, personal likes …

Practical Math Practice: The Grocery Store Game

Practical Math Practice: The Grocery Store Game

Number-sense and the ability to estimate are skills that students will need in their every-day life. Unfortunately, these skills can be some of the most challenging to teach without practical experiences.  One of the best places to cultivate the ability to do quick, mental-math estimation is on a trip to the grocery store.  Here is a simple Grocery Store Game you can have …

The Gamification of Education

The Gamification of Education

Today’s kids are more plugged in than ever before. For many, adolescent life is increasingly centered around electronic devices, the internet, and video games. As parents, educators, and tutors, it is not only important to acknowledge this trend but to also take advantage of it as a way to connect with students and enhance the learning process. The gamification of education is an ever-evolving, modern …

How To Find A Tutor For Any Grade

How To Find A Tutor For Any Grade

Today we welcome a new guest author to the site, Sunil Kumar of TutorPace.com. Please enjoy his first article.

In the present educational paradigm, learning without the help of a tutor may seem like a tall feat for students of all grades. Whether you’re a fifth grader or high school student, the question remains the same – how do I overcome my …

Tips for More Effective Studying

If you are a struggling high school student, try out some of these tips for more effective studying to help you perform your best both at school and during tutoring sessions.

Tips for more effective studying

Work at a flat table with minimal distractions when at home. Make sure that the study area is free of noise and other distractions, especially the television.

Before school Get plenty of rest the …

Vocabulary Sentence Building

Brain Booster #2 Vocabulary Sentence Building How This Boosts Your Brain

This challenge boosts your brain from three angles: vocabulary building, vocabulary usage, and working memory. The benefits of vocabulary building have been expounded time and again (check this article for an insightful view on the topic), but everyday life doesn’t often call on us to use the vocabulary we’ve built. It …

Node-Connection Puzzle

Brain Booster #1 Node-Connection Puzzle How This Boosts Your Brain

The first challenge can be solved without too much higher-level thinking (assuming you can make sense of the problem statement); the second cannot. You can solve the first challenge by going node by node, but you have to exercise your faculty of pattern recognition to figure out what happens when the number of nodes is unknown. As with any pattern, …

Top 5 Study Tips For Finals

When the time arrives to take your semester finals, do not let test anxiety and poor preparation get the best of you. There is no reason that you cannot rock your final exams! Check out the study tips for finals below.

Top 5 Study Tips for Finals Resist the urge to cram: Plan ahead, and break up your study time into chunks. Focus on Studying: While having calming music …