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5 Tips for Acing the Praxis Exam

5 Tips for Acing the Praxis Exam

The Praxis Exam is the last step that soon-to-be teachers must take in order to be certified teachers and in order for them to officially practice the teaching profession. This is a test that may not be so easy to take. It might be a bit more challenging to pass this test because of how broad the subject, area of discussion, and branches …

Top 5 Study Tips For Finals

When the time arrives to take your semester finals, do not let test anxiety and poor preparation get the best of you. There is no reason that you cannot rock your final exams! Check out the study tips for finals below.

Top 5 Study Tips for Finals Resist the urge to cram: Plan ahead, and break up your study time into chunks. Focus on Studying: While having calming music …