Cool Tutoring Flyers

Cool Tutoring Flyers

Having cool tutoring flyers to advertise your services is a must. I was impressed by this hand-painted tutoring flyer that I came across recently. It has a certain “cool” factor that I think is important for an effective flyer to have.

It evokes a comic-book-feel, which is perfect for the type of tutoring being advertised (advanced math and science). This flyer is a good example of how the look and feel should be customized to the target audience.

cool tutoring flyers

I’m fortunate to have a professional graphic designer for a brother, who helped design our cool tutoring flyer. It’s not as targeted as the one above, since we use it to advertise all of our tutor’s services. But it is more polished, which we need in order to keep a professional feel for the business.

cool tutoring flyers

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This next flyer comes from They have a more comprehensive collection of 15 cool tutoring flyers, but this one is my favorite. It’s full of bright colors to catch the eye and has a playful feel. I think the overload of text makes it a bit too busy overall, but I don’t think the younger generation minds this too much (after all, they have been bombarded with copious amounts of information from birth).

cool tutoring flyers

For anyone interested in creating their own professional flyer, I strongly recommend the open-source vector graphics software Inkscape. It’s free and it produces graphics on par with Adobe Illustrator. I should warn though: there is a pretty steep learning curve. Using PowerPoint might be a viable alternative if you’re looking to make just one quick flyer.

Anyone who’s looking to outsource might want to contact They seem to be a pretty solid resource for flyer creation.

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