Fantastic Flashcard Apps

fantastic flashcard apps

Fantastic Flashcard Apps

Technology has made a lot of the tried-and-true educational mainstays irrelevant to today’s student: the calculator defeated the abacus and the internet put most encyclopedia salesmen out of business. These two fantastic flashcard apps may be sending the 3”x 5” index card into retirement.


Quizlet is an amazing study application that works on iOS, Android, and PCs. As a teacher, I create flashcard sets for my students to use to practice vocabulary, study for quizzes, and rehearse content. The students can then use these sets to play games, try printable or digital practice quizzes, or simply practice with virtual flashcards.

Quizlet also allows users to make their own flashcard sets or download from a database of thousands of sets spanning all grade levels and subjects made by other users. Everything is saved to the student’s user account so sets can be added, removed, or accessed from any compatible device that the user logs in with.

Quizlet can be accessed in a browser by clicking here. Quizlet also offers a free app for mobile devices.



Cram is another virtual flashcard application that offers users the ability to create, save, and utilize their own virtual flashcard sets. Cram, like Quizlet, offers a robust database of user-created and searchable flashcard sets that spans a wide range of topics and levels. What makes Cram stand out is its simple, yet beautiful user interface on mobile devices. For studying on the go, Cram makes the process fast and surprisingly enjoyable.

The browser-based experience is not as sleek and refined as the mobile version (or even Quizlet for that matter), but it is serviceable; making and using flashcard sets is intuitive and generally smooth. If you are looking for a portable studying platform, Cram’s free mobile app (iOS / Android) is one of the best; however, if you plan on using a browser on a computer, stick with Quizlet.


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