Free Advertising for Your Tutoring Business

Free Advertising for Your Tutoring Business

You’ve read all the articles about marketing your tutoring business, and you’ve employed all the standard low-cost tactics. These include tutor directories, flyers, building a website, and word of mouth. But now what? How do you continue to grow your tutoring business without spending a fortune on advertising or becoming an expert in marketing?

This article is about an opportunity, not a strategy. This is an opportunity for free advertising for your tutoring business on The Knowledge Roundtable. Our free tutoring marketplace is home to 92,924 tutors and is visited by 10,000 students every month. We are now offering free ad slots that can target your local area for the keywords you care about. Ads can target students or tutors (for recruiting).

Ad Preview

Here is a sample ad that demonstrates how a local tutoring company, in this case Link Educational Institute of Claremont, CA, can be shown near the top of search results for “math” in “claremont, ca.”

free tutoring advertisement

Popular Tutoring Subjects

Wondering what subjects are popular among students using our search engine? This graphic has you covered. Here are the top 25 most popular tutoring subjects.

You’ll notice that these subjects span many academic areas. Because our tutors are already offering so many subjects, we attract students who need help in a variety of subjects. So chances are, we have students searching for the subjects your tutoring business specializes in.

top tutoring subjects

Popular Locations

Our marketplace not only covers the full academic spectrum, it also spans all of the US and Canada. These maps of student searches show that the density of searches by state or province is closely aligned with population density. What does this mean? It means students near your business are most likely already using our search tool.


inquiries by canadian province

Who Can Create a Free Tutoring Ad

We create free tutoring ads for three different types of tutoring businesses.

1. Tutoring Centers

If you run a local tutoring center, these ads are perfect for you. We’ll grab a description of your center as well as a logo from your website, then target the ad to your local area and to the keywords you select. The ad will drive traffic to your website, and ultimately lead to more bookings.

All we need from you is a link from your site to ours. This will rarely be relevant on your homepage, and we’re not in the business of stealing your customers, so we recommend linking from one of your blog articles. We have loads of educational content on our blog that you can share.

2. Individual Tutors

If you’re an individual tutor, you can sign up for a free tutor profile on our site. As an individual, you’ll show up in regular search results by default, and can earn ad reward points for additional exposure. Individual tutors also benefit from a profile analytics tool that allows you to track your profile’s search performance over time.

3. Enterprise Tutoring Companies

If you’re on the marketing team for a large tutoring company, our ads are available for you as well. We work with Varsity Tutors and WyzAnt, and would be happy to discuss how to add you to our partner list.

How to Setup Your Free Tutoring Ad

Great, so your interest is piqued. What’s the next step? All you need to do is send us an email letting us know that you’d like to setup your free ad.

In your email, be sure to include a link to your website so we can start creating the ad. If you have a logo and company description that you’d like us to use, include that in the email as well. Otherwise, we’ll get that from your website.

To speed up the process, you can add a link to our site before emailing and mention the url in your email. This will reduce the number of back-and-forths needed before the ad can be published.