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Holiday Classroom Ideas: Crafts

As the holidays approach, as teachers we want to give our students a fun little break, while still being educational. One of the best Holiday Classroom Ideas for elementary age students is with crafts. These craft projects can double as gifts the students can give to their parents or family for the holidays.

The most challenging part about these holiday projects is not coming up with the idea for the craft project, it is finding the supplies to do so. Schools provide basic art supplies, but if you want to go above and beyond for your students this holiday season you need to find other supplies. These supplies come out of our own pocket. As much as we want to provide an amazing holiday craft project for our students, we can not allow it to break the bank.

A great solution to the financial side of finding supplies for holiday crafts is Discount School Supply®. They provide a variety of different craft supplies that you could combine into wondrous holiday crafts supplies. Check out their Holiday Craft Wonderland for awesome discounts of a variety of holiday craft supplies!

Use this Holiday Classroom Idea and let the holiday craft projects begin!

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable and is not officially a part of Discount School Supply or any other DSS brands. All opinions are my own, and offered up as a tip to fellow teachers.

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