How To Recruit Quality Tutors On A Budget

how to recruit quality tutors on a budget

How To Recruit Quality Tutors On A Budget

Recruiting quality tutors doesn’t have to break the bank. Before you invest in expensive job listings, learn how to recruit quality tutors on a budget.

Recruiting Tutors Is Different

The first thing to keep in mind is that, depending on your company, tutors are likely part-time, temporary workers. This means that the value each provides to your company is orders of magnitude less than that of a full-time, permanent worker.

For example, when you’re looking to hire a marketing manager for $50k per year, a good one might provide $70k per year of value to your company. It’s worth investing hundreds of dollars to recruit for such a position.

But when you’re looking to hire a tutor who might, for example, earn only $500 in a summer before returning to college, it’s no longer worth investing so much on recruiting for that one position.

Ways To Waste Money

A job listing on cost $395 at the time this article was written. That’s fine when hiring a marketing manager, but not a tutor.

A job listing on costs about $8 per application, based on my experience posting teaching and tutoring jobs. Maybe 1 in 10 is a strong candidate.

A job listing on Craigslist is either free or $25, depending on your location. You might get 3 or 4 applications for a $25 ad. Again, maybe 1 in 10 is a strong candidate.

The pricing on these sites makes it clear that they are not designed for recruiting part-time, temporary workers.

What’s A Recruiter To Do?

There is a solution to fit every personality.

Spend Time, Not Money

If you have an abundance of time but not money, try some of these recruiting solutions.

  • Print flyers. Post on college campuses and in local coffee shops.
  • Build relationships. Connect with local schools, organizations, and businesses.

Flyers and phone calls are not for everyone (certainly not for me), and using them for recruiting is not news to anyone. So let’s get to the expert-level secrets.


There are many job boards that accept free job feed submissions. A job feed is a specially formatted list of jobs that can be generated with software packages or coding knowledge.

I created a feed for tutoring jobs on The Knowledge Roundtable and submitted to Indeed now sends about 50 prospective tutors to my site for every job I post. Plus, I set up my website to automatically update my feed every time a student messages a tutor, so there is no manual data entry required.

For help setting up a job feed for your website or company, write to me at .


As a last resort, you may find yourself attempting to poach tutors from online directories. As the owner of one such directory, I know this happens. I also know that it doesn’t take long for someone to catch on and stop you. But while other directories shoo you away, The Knowledge Roundtable welcomes you with open arms.

Tutor Recruiting Platform

The Knowledge Roundtable gives recruiters like you special access to our directory of tutors. Our Tutor Recruiting Platform makes it free to contact tutors, post jobs, and receive applications. You only pay when you decide to followup with a well-qualified candidate. Plus, we offer a background check service and rewards for rating your candidates. So if you’re looking to recruit quality tutors on a budget, this platform is just the ticket.

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    I am a newly retired teacher (elementary ) and would love to do tutoring one on one and don’t knowhow to get started! Any help? I have a bachelors and masters degree in general education and taught 32 years.

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    I am recruiting teachers only for our tutoring site in NJ.

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