Is Your Child “Just Getting By?”

is your child just getting by

Is Your Child “Just Getting By?”

It’s not always easy to know whether your child needs help in school. In any case, it’s important you understand and are able to recognize certain signs of trouble. While your child “just getting by” may have sufficed, those problems have a strong tendency of eventually catching up with them at school. The best solution is to notice those signs early and get your child help. Continue reading for a few great tips on how to recognize when your child may need additional help.   

Check the Report Card

As a parent, it’s vital you pay attention to all of your child’s grades. By paying attention to their daily work or test scores, you may be able to catch a problem before it’s reflected negatively on their report cards. However, once your child starts receiving report cards and you notice their grades slipping, it should become glaringly clear that your child needs a tutor or additional help. The goal is to keep a close watch on your child’s grades and at the earliest sign of slippage, you should be prepared to take action.

Lack of Enthusiasm

Not only should you pay attention to your child’s grades, you should also focus on their level of enthusiasm. Elementary kids should be excited about their school subjects. If you notice they have a decreasing level of interest in school or their enthusiasm is slipping, you should further investigate to determine whether your child needs a tutor.  

Bored Children

While a slip in enthusiasm may signal your child needs help, it could also be indicative that they are bored. If your child is bored, a tutor could be the perfect solution to make sure your child is engaged and challenged in their work. Simply put, tutoring is an excellent idea for children who are highly able as well as children who need additional help. If your child’s reading curriculum isn’t challenging them enough, a tutor could help them work through more difficult literature and further expand their reading and comprehension horizons.

Talk to the Teacher

As a parent, it’s imperative you have an open line of communication with your child’s teacher. Since teachers have uncanny insight on your child’s scholastic performance, they will probably be the first to know where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, the teacher will know whether your child is “barely getting by” and if their performance is due to a lack of effort or lack of understanding. Since you cannot be in the classroom 24/7, it’s important to allow your child’s teacher be your eyes and ears of their performance.

The Importance of Catching a Problem Early

Whether you choose to give your child additional assignments, provide more learning opportunities at home or hire a tutor, it’s imperative you identify this need as early as possible. Due to the linear nature of most subjects, your child’s problems probably will not go away. Instead, they will only compound. Each year as your child continues to matriculate through school, they will be presented with increasingly difficult lessons that all build upon the previous lesson. As a result, if your child misses one lesson or fails to master a particular skill, it makes it even more difficult for them to grasp the next set of skills.

If your child is “just getting by,” you may be setting them up for failure if you don’t intervene. The best solution is to reinforce their confidence, understanding, and skills at the earliest signs of struggle.

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