Taught In New SAT Format

Course Features

    • 8 Week course with 24 hours of instruction
    • 3 Full Length Proctored Test Simulations
    • Small group (capped at 12 students)

    • State-of-the-art SAT prep system
    • Includes 1000-page Workbook Suite, 1250+ online problems, 40+ hours of video, practice test diagnostics, and detailed progress reports

Mini Course Differences

    • 5 Week course with 15 hours of instruction

    • 2 Full Length Proctored Test Simulations

The Best Value In SAT Prep

With an average class size of 8 students, an unrivaled suite of workbooks and online tools, instructors with a demonstrated love of teaching, and competitive prices, it is no surprise that Paul and Stephanie’s SAT prep classes offer the best value in the industry.

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Small Classes

Small class sizes, paired with a unique roundtable discussion format, enable students to truly engage with one another and with the instructor. Paul and Stephanie take an analytical problem solving approach in order to leverage this interactivity, resulting in a high level of student participation. Students then apply their newly acquired analytical skills directly to real SAT tests during 3 full length practice tests.

Proprietary Curriculum

The course curriculum is supplemented with 1000 pages of proprietary workbooks. These 3 workbooks cover the math, critical reading, and writing sections of the test. The workbooks have a simple, easy to understand format.

Advanced Online Resources

Students also gain access to an advanced online course system. Homework assignments will be completed online, where students will have access to video explanations of every problem. The system tracks student progress and generates automated progress reports for both students and parents. It also provides detailed analyses of completed practice tests, giving students insight into specific topics that need more review. Additional features include the SAT Target Practice Game, the SAT Vocabulary Game, and more.

Passionate Instructors

Paul and Stephanie taught The Knowledge Roundtable’s SAT courses from 2013 to 2015 until also being given administrative control by The Knowledge Roundtable’s founder, Jared Rand, in January 2016. Paul is the math/strategy expert, and Stephanie is the reading/writing specialist. They have both demonstrated their love for teaching through their career and through extensive tutoring experience.

Competitive Prices

While others charge as much as $1599 for their small group courses, this 24-hour small group course costs less than what others charge even for an 18-hour large group course consisting of 15-20 students. And this course’s online system provides the kind of advanced tools you would only expect from a national test prep company. Compare prices here.