Knowledge Roundtable Update – Summer 2013

We’ve Been Busy!

The last few months have been quite an adventure. It was only January when I officially went full-time with The Knowledge Roundtable. Since then, I’ve worn a number of hats and have had a number of successes. The business has grown exponentially as a result.

Expansion To Dover, NH

The SAT courses have been so successful that we are opening another classroom in Dover, NH. This location will be up-and-running in early July 2013.

1 Waldron Court
Unit D
Dover, NH 03820

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SAT Prep System

We have adopted a sophisticated new SAT prep system for both group SAT courses and private SAT tutoring. This allows us to provide students with a 1000-page proprietary workbook suite (see below) and access to an advanced online system offering 2500+ practice problems, 67+ hours of video, practice test analytics, detailed progress reports, and even SAT-related games.

SAT Prep Course Workbook - Math SAT Prep Course Workbook - Writing SAT Prep Course Workbook - Reading

This system allows us to truly compete with national test prep companies. Unfortunately for them, we offer much lower prices and smaller class sizes.

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Expansion Of Home Tutoring

The level of demand for private in-home tutoring continues to surprise me. I spent the better part of this spring booked with 3-4 tutoring sessions per day. By mid-April I had to begin sending students to other tutors because I simply didn’t have room in my schedule.

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Luckily, we have been slowly hiring tutors all spring and now have a number of really great tutors for our students. We have tutors near Exeter and Dover for nearly all subjects, and we are continuing to take on SAT tutors across New Hampshire and northern New England. These SAT tutors will help us bring our SAT prep system to students who are not able to attend a course.

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Seminar Launch

Since the conception of The Knowledge Roundtable, I have always intended to offer informative, discussion-style seminars to the local community on topics ranging from nutrition to small business to philosophy. One year later, we are finally on track to launch our first seminar by early summer 2013.

Our search for seminar leaders, however, is ongoing. We invite you to learn more about becoming a seminar leader if you are interested in running seminars, classes, discussion groups, or meetups.

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About Jared R

Jared, founder of The Knowledge Roundtable, is passionate about the advancement of knowledge. He has a B.S. in astronomy and physics from UMass and an MBA in Advanced Financial Analytics, also from UMass. He has a day job as a Data Scientist in Boston. He has over 500 hours of tutoring experience in everything from algebra to writing. He taught our SAT prep group courses for two years in NH, and before that developed educational content for math, stats, and finance textbooks for two years. His teaching style is hands-on with a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking.