Tips for More Effective Studying

If you are a struggling high school student, try out some of these tips for more effective studying to help you perform your best both at school and during tutoring sessions.

Tips for more effective studying

Work at a flat table with minimal distractions when at home. Make sure that the study area is free of noise and other distractions, especially the television.

Before school
Get plenty of rest the night before school, especially if you have a big test coming up.
Have your lunch packed the night before. Not only will this save time as you run out the door, but will also save you AND your parents, guardians, or caretakers money.
Get breakfast and a little exercise every morning. This will “rev up” your brain and body so that your thinking processes will be optimized, EVEN with early morning classes.

Importance of writing things down
Your routine for each day will be “set in stone” and it will be easier to adhere to it.
Writing necessarily makes you think deeper.
Writing a schedule will not only improve study habits, but will also improve performance at work because you will have laid out what you are doing for the day in a cohesive manner.

Quizzes: Here are some things that I found helpful to create in studying for quizzes
1) flash cards, especially for vocabulary based subjects requiring definitions, like foreign languages and English
2) Charts, for subjects like mathematics
3) Outlines: for midterms and final exams. If you create your own, you will have a stake in creating it and will more likely remember what was written
4) If you take adequate class notes and highlight important concepts with an actual marker, you will see the information. I asterisk and underline concepts that “jump off the page to me” as important.

Random tutoring session tip 1: Having a small snack such as trail mix, raisins, nuts or granola bars can help balance your blood sugar and thus performance at tutoring sessions.

Random tutoring session tip 2: This advice applies ALL day long. Make sure to have little sips of water all day to keep hydrated and maintain focus.

About Sean H

I am mainly now a substitute teacher, but have also been a teacher of Spanish as well as a tutor in all grades with all subjects, but focusing on mathematics, reading and writing. My other job consists of being a pari-mutuel teller at the track, which starts March 15. I was first interested in tutoring in the year 2004 when I began working for Futures, Inc, a private school for children under NCLB *No Child Left Behind) act. For them I mainly tutored from a combination of my own books, Some Bader tests and Word Inventories. Later on I tutored two Japanese-speaking families in the English language . I also tutored two Mexican students. I am willing to use the resources provided by Knowledge Roundtable along with my own personal philosophies and resources.