Top 5 Study Tips For Finals

Study Tips For Finals

When the time arrives to take your semester finals, do not let test anxiety and poor preparation get the best of you. There is no reason that you cannot rock your final exams! Check out the study tips for finals below.

Top 5 Study Tips for Finals

  1. Resist the urge to cram: Plan ahead, and break up your study time into chunks.
    • This will reduce the pressure you feel, and help you to remember more
    • Allow you to make sure you do not miss anything important
    • Allow for studying more than one subject in a session
  2. Focus on Studying: While having calming music on a low volume can help the study process, avoid UNNECESSARY distractions. This means:
    • No TV
    • No Social Media
    • No Texting
    • No Snap chatting
    • No internet (unless you need it for studying)
  3. Pick the right study environment: You want to study in a place that is conducive to studying. For most, this is a place that is quiet with out a lot going on to distract them. For an added boost, try studying the same material in different locations.  Some great places to study can be in a library or a quiet spot in a park.
  4. Make sure to take small study breaks: You do not want to burn yourself out when studying. Set yourself a break schedule. Make sure you give your brain a much-needed rest. When you return to studying you will be more focused, and able to better retain information.
  5. Ask for help if needed: Do not be stubborn. If you find yourself struggling with something, ask for help. You will be better off studying information you completely understand, than focusing energy on subject matters you are unsure of.

Additional tutoring may also be a great solution to boost your confidence for finals. Give your self every advantage possible. Search our Tutor Directory to find a tutor near you.

Random study tip:  Did you know studying when you are tired could actually be beneficial? According to research, the brain strengthens new memories while we sleep. Therefore what we study right before bed will be better retained. Fore more information on this and other great study tips please check out 23 science-backed study tips.

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