Turn mediocre grades into exceptional grades

turn mediocre grades into exceptional grades

Turn mediocre grades into exceptional grades

When you notice that your child is under performing in school, it is only natural to want him or her to do better. But actually achieving that goal – improving grades with consistency, over the long-term – is often incredibly challenging. This is when it is important to step back, study the entire situation, and form a plan that can actually get you and your child where you both want to be.

Methods to Boost Your Child’s Grades

Some effective methods to improve your child’s grades include:

  • Talk to your child. This is one of the most important parts of the process. You have to know what your child is experiencing if you want to change things. If you really want to know what is going on, it is best to take a non-judgmental attitude and let your child know that you want to work together to find a solution. Do your best to listen, and to ask questions that encourage full disclosure.

  • Talk to teachers. No matter how you feel about your child’s teachers, they are the ones who are giving out the grades. You need to know what they expect, how to meet those expectations, and where they think your child needs to improve. This is very valuable information, and you must have it if you want your child to get exceptional grades.

  • Look to home. This can be an uncomfortable aspect of the process, but you need to take an objective view of your child’s home life if you want him or her to get the best grades. Does the child have structure, eat healthy, get enough sleep, have supportive family members, do homework, etc? A good home life is just as important as what goes on at school.

  • Have your child teach you. One of the most effective ways to learn a subject is to teach it. Get into the habit of asking your child to teach you what he or she is learning. This will cause your child to think critically about what has been taught and to put those lessons in a way that others can understand. This is a great tool for memorization and understanding concepts.

  • Stay organized. Encourage an organized approach to school. Getting homework done and delving into new subjects takes time, so your child should be learning to set aside that time in advance. Make sure that fun time is scheduled in as well. The younger the child, the more fun time should be part of the schedule.

  • Stay positive. The worse the grades are, the easier it is to become angry or frustrated with your child. While this is a normal reaction, it is not usually helpful to indulge in it if you want to improve grades. You can say how you feel, but the sooner you get on to the solution, the faster you will see better grades.

  • Consider tutoring. A personal tutor can do a lot to help your child understand the things he or she is learning, and can often generate a significant upturn in grades. One-on-one time with a professional is one of the fastest ways to turn around a bad grade situation, simply because the tutor is trained to accomplish this goal. This can be extremely effective when combined with the other tips on this list.

Exceptional Grades Are Within Reach

Your child can get great grades. He or she just needs to be shown how. By using the above methods, you can significantly improve your child’s performance in school. The more active you are in this process, the better those results will be.  

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