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Should I Apply to Graduate School?

Back in the day, a bachelor’s degree was special, but nowadays everybody and their mother has one. Some think graduate school will sort them from the crowd of job seekers, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you’re thinking about graduate studies, slow down and consider a few things first.

How to have a unique and standout college essay to wow the admissions officers

Thousands of students apply to colleges each year. Many students come to me asking how they can stand out. I often hear “I haven’t done anything special” or “I don’t have any experiences that are worth talking about.” Another common one is “I haven’t cured cancer!” (Psst, most people haven’t.) I’ve helped write over 300…


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Inspiration Methods

Here are 5 ways of developing interest and enthusiasm in any subject.

Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 4

This is part four on career planning. This is the last part and it covers college.

Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 3

This is part 3 of the tutorial and it covers shadowing/experience.

Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 2

This is part two of the tutorial on career planning. This part deals with studying.

Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 1

The problem with the United States education system is that it does not prepare people for particular jobs. Furthermore, a college degree has become so commonplace that it no longer differentiates one from the pack of potential employees. Instead of relying on the education system to function properly, we need to prepare for the specific…

Billboards and Social Media

The following assignment received a score of 100, for Marketing. Writing is an open-book.

Five Ways to Improve Your Executive Functioning

Executive functions are measurable traits such as being organized, being on time, multi-tasking, planning, emotional self-control, memory, focus and so on. Strategies and skills that enhance executive functioning are easily learned. We can develop them over time into strong and valuable competencies. They help with school, jobs, career advancement and in all relationships.