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Learn spelling quickly

We often fear big words spelled differently. Now here’s the trick. Break each word in your mind, after referring to its meaning in the dictionary. Read it thrice after breaking it up in your mind. Write the word on a piece of paper, see it before going to bed and link the word to something…

An Anthropological/Darwinian View of the Rise and Fall of Societies

The label “high society” has traditionally been understood to describe urban centers with written language and developed art, music, architecture, irrigation, community organization, and other cultural milestones. The label “low society” has traditionally been understood to describe those living in remote, rural areas, especially pastoral nomads.

Getting On The Same Page

How many times have you wondered, I will never be able to pass this course? Or perhaps, Why are those students always on top of their game in school, while I struggle on a daily basis? Once, twice, seldom?

Women’s history

Many people claim that Islam is sexist. But some muslim-majority countries have elected female heads of state

Reading with ease.

We often find reading problematic specially when it comes to a new language, unless you have some expert guidance backing you. Often we panic or give up, simply not trusting your skills.

Finding a Theme

A common problem I find among middle school students and perhaps even high school students is that they cannot develop a theme after reading a short story or even watching a short film. However, this can easily be remedied.

A Novel Idea

H. G. Wells is one of the early pioneers of the time travel phenomenon. The notion that humans can move forward into the future or move backward into the past by using a vehicle or other stationary equipment. Since the publication of his 1895 book, The Time Machine, several films have been produced that further…

Transcending Screenplay

Most literary works rely on direct interpretation of plot, character, or setting to develop the story line. In the realm of science fiction, the matter can conceivably take on a more pronounced and intricate structure of reasoning, due in part, to the underpinning of science or merely by the creative stream of the author.

The Currency Of Knowledge

The first of many benefits of staying in school is having the grades to qualify you for a full scholarship to the best universities in the land. A degree can open doors to career paths and social circles not otherwise possible. In all, the right frame of mind, sheer will and determination, can lead to…

Basic Grammar and spelling rules of the English Language

Hello, in this lesson I will be helping to clarify and introduce some grammar issues and common mistakes in English. This will NOT be a lesson on understanding modern slang.