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How does our past impact our present day lives?

A question that gets asked a lot but is rarely ever answered correctly. Many students ask me why they have to learn history. I reply that every aspect of their lives has been determined by past events and people. After that answer I get “how.”

Grammar errors

Here is a list of a few sentences that contain grammatical errors.

They’re, Their, or There???

Often times, it can be difficult to know which form of the word is appropriate in a given context. This demonstration will hopefully help to eliminate some of the confusion.

Using Coordinating Conjunctions and Compound Sentances

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use coordinating conjunctions, also known as FANBOYS, to combine two complete sentances into a compound sentance.

Learn spelling quickly

We often fear big words spelled differently. Now here’s the trick. Break each word in your mind, after referring to its meaning in the dictionary. Read it thrice after breaking it up in your mind. Write the word on a piece of paper, see it before going to bed and link the word to something…

An Anthropological/Darwinian View of the Rise and Fall of Societies

The label “high society” has traditionally been understood to describe urban centers with written language and developed art, music, architecture, irrigation, community organization, and other cultural milestones. The label “low society” has traditionally been understood to describe those living in remote, rural areas, especially pastoral nomads.

Getting On The Same Page

How many times have you wondered, I will never be able to pass this course? Or perhaps, Why are those students always on top of their game in school, while I struggle on a daily basis? Once, twice, seldom?

Women’s history

Many people claim that Islam is sexist. But some muslim-majority countries have elected female heads of state

Reading with ease.

We often find reading problematic specially when it comes to a new language, unless you have some expert guidance backing you. Often we panic or give up, simply not trusting your skills.

Finding a Theme

A common problem I find among middle school students and perhaps even high school students is that they cannot develop a theme after reading a short story or even watching a short film. However, this can easily be remedied.