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How to Argue Better: The Toulmin Model

The art of effective arguing is lost on most people these days, but you don’t have to be one of them wandering in the dark. Luckily, our friend Mr Toulmin has put together a little model to help us craft coherent arguments. And to help you write better essays.

Organizing An Essay

You have to write an essay. Its due date is coming up or it’s just been assigned–either way, it needs to get written. The first step is to gather up what you want to say. The second step is to organize it. So how do you organize an essay? It’s easier than you think. All…

Types of Rhetoric and How to Identify Them

Have you ever had a teacher hand you pages of reading to do, and tell you to annotate? It’s all well and good — until you stare at the words and realize that you’re not sure how to take notes that will actually be useful in discussions or on quizzes. This tutorial will help you…

Period, Comma, or Semi-colon

When is it appropriate to use a comma, period, or semi-colon? This is a question that most students I have encountered struggle with. They are often times used incorrectly, and this tutorial is designed to help identify when and where a semi-colon (also spelled semicolon), period, and comma should be placed for the most efficient…

What is Passive Voice and How Do I Avoid It?

Passive voice is used by many writers, but it is found by readers to be an annoying grammatical quirk. It’s wordy and confusing. And although it is used by some writers to sound smart, usually you are just made to sound robotic and distant. How can it be avoided by you? Let that be found…

Punic Wars

The Romans fought the Carthaginians three times between 264-146BC in what are called the Punic Wars (the Roman name for the Carthaginians). Carthage is a powerful trading center on the coast of North Africa. Rome is a powerful land-based center in Italy. Sicily lies between the two powers but is traditionally allied with Carthage.

Close Reading Strategies Starter

Steps to begin instruction in Close Reading What is close reading? Close reading is a reading strategy used in English Language Arts and literature study classes that guides the reader into an in depth study of a text. Close reading includes locating and defining important details and patterns that allow the reader to analyze the…

Without a Prompt

Writing can feel overwhelming for some students – even college students will have trouble writing essays or reports because there are so many ways to express an idea. Often, students’ biggest struggle is writing without a prompt.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Have you ever had the perfect idea for an essay but can’t seem to figure out how to properly word your thesis statement? I’m here to help you craft a thesis statement for your draft that you can feel confident about.

Writing an Essay or Making an Informative Speech

Students often struggle with how to begin, develop and conclude an essay or an informative speech. A simple three-step process works for both.