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Being creative yet concise

When writing creative pieces, it is easy to get wrapped up in the beauty of words. Teachers and professors often encourage students to add descriptions, created imagery that captures readers’ attention, and practice such techniques as simile and metaphor to create sentences that evoke feeling and emotion. However, all of these techniques can quickly turn…

Jalapeno Bagels

This lesson meets several grade level standards. Students will: Learn that every story has a main idea and supporting details. Find the main idea and several supporting details in a news story.

English Paper 101

The dreaded English paper and you’re waiting till the last minute. I always did. The one thing you lack in doing that is the ability to double check your work. Double checking your work will catch most of these initial errors in writing. Sometimes it could be as simple as punctuation or spelling and others…

Speed reading

Often times in life a person must consume a vast amount of information in a short amount of time. So how does an individual make the most of their time when faced with such situations? The answer is speed reading. So what or how does one speed read?

How to Structure a Historical Paper

Begin by having a basic knowledge of your subject; for instance, Women’s rights and equality during the French Revolution. Do research into your topic and understand where you are going to go within your paper: your BROAD IDEA. What are you trying to prove? Who are you convincing (your audience)? What is the purpose of…

Correct verb following have, has or had

Always use the “u” form of the verb after have, has or had.

Pronunciation help

Many students have trouble pronouncing English sounds. I like to exaggerate mouth movements and give them funny names to help students to remember and understand how to pronounce the sounds.

Essay writing.

You have an essay assignment. How well do you creatively present it? Breathing life into your piece? Connecting more with your reader than just presenting facts.

Writing a Thesis

Billy has read, Bridge to Terabithia, and now has to write a 5-paragraph essay. Unfortunately he is struggling on how to write a thesis, for his introduction paragraph.

MLA Format Video Tutorial-Google Docs

MLA format is pretty simple, but very specific. It’s easy to make a tiny formatting mistake that can lose you valuable points on your essay or report.