12 Reading Tutorials

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Learning to Decipher Challenging Writing and Old English

Writers, even the historical ones, have feelings. I know that that is a shocking thing to realize, but it’s true. When you learn to connect with what feelings any given writer is trying to express, it makes it easy to understand passages that otherwise seemed to be too wordy or complex.

Reading Section 1

When it comes to reading, it is easier to understand what the piece is about when you deconstruct it. For books, textbooks, or short stories, I recommend breaking them up by paragraph. First read one paragraph and break down the sentences by what you think they mean. This will give you a better understanding of…

How to effectively skim a textbook

Most courses have a main text that is used for lectures and class tasks. Many students find textbook reading time-consuming and unwieldy. This brief tutorial will help you to use the text’s layout to identify key ideas.

A Recital Of Tales

The ancient civilization of Egypt believed that the pharaoh’s body could be preserved after death, allowing the pharaoh to live for an indefinite period of time. The tomb of the pharaoh was situated in a labyrinth underneath a massive stone structure that pierced the sky in order to mark the journey into the afterlife. This…

Getting On The Same Page

How many times have you wondered, I will never be able to pass this course? Or perhaps, Why are those students always on top of their game in school, while I struggle on a daily basis? Once, twice, seldom?

Reading with ease.

We often find reading problematic specially when it comes to a new language, unless you have some expert guidance backing you. Often we panic or give up, simply not trusting your skills.

A Novel Idea

H. G. Wells is one of the early pioneers of the time travel phenomenon. The notion that humans can move forward into the future or move backward into the past by using a vehicle or other stationary equipment. Since the publication of his 1895 book, The Time Machine, several films have been produced that further…

Transcending Screenplay

Most literary works rely on layered interpretation of plot, character, or setting to develop the story line. In the realm of science fiction, the matter can conceivably take on a more pronounced and intricate structure of reasoning, due in part, to the underpinning of science or merely by the creative stream of the author.

Mikayla’s Way Of Reading Right!

So, I know everyone has trouble reading and writing. I myself had that trouble. Many people have more trouble reading than writing though. Some may have something called Dyslexia. I’m not saying its a bad thing, its just something that can hold you back from what you really want to do. I’m going to tell…

Here’s a Reading Secret: It’s OK to Skim!

Students are told time-and-time again to not “skim through the reading.” Instead, students are instructed to pay attention to the details, to analyze every other sentence, to thoroughly read through the material, etc. While I recognize that these methods can be useful, the truth is: This usually isn’t the case. I, rather, encourage students to…