17 Reading Tutorials

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Understanding the non-GMO movement

The following is a reading comprehension exercise. Read the article, then answer the questions to the best of your ability with complete, grammatically correct sentences.

Dilemma In Denmark

The Biblical character of Goliath emanated from one of five city states of the Philistines and is described as a giant Philistine warrior who was defeated by an undaunted opponent. According to the Book of Samuel: David, the future king of the ancient Israelites, felled Goliath in one strike. The significance of this battle has…

A Journey On The HMS Bounty

The English navigator Henry Hudson, set out to discover a northwest passage through the Arctic Circle to Asia. His crew became disillusioned with the New York based voyage and cast Hudson away as they commandeered the ship as their own. In 1611, the English captain was left abandoned to fend for his survival and was…

Notes on Wordsworth’s “The world is too much with us.”

Notes on Wordsworth’s “The world is too much with us.” [Note: When poems do not have titles, it is traditional to assign the first line as the title, as is the case with Wordsworth’s sonnet.] Like Charlotte Smith before him (“To Melancholy”), Wordsworth writes a Petrarchan sonnet—which contains an octet (abbaabba) and a sestet (either…

Learning to Decipher Challenging Writing and Old English

Writers, even the historical ones, have feelings. I know that that is a shocking thing to realize, but it’s true. When you learn to connect with what feelings any given writer is trying to express, it makes it easy to understand passages that otherwise seemed to be too wordy or complex.

Reading Section 1

When it comes to reading, it is easier to understand what the piece is about when you deconstruct it. For books, textbooks, or short stories, I recommend breaking them up by paragraph. First read one paragraph and break down the sentences by what you think they mean. This will give you a better understanding of…

How to effectively skim a textbook

Most courses have a main text that is used for lectures and class tasks. Many students find textbook reading time-consuming and unwieldy. This brief tutorial will help you to use the text’s layout to identify key ideas.

A Recital Of Tales

The ancient civilization of Egypt believed that the pharaoh’s body could be preserved after death, allowing the pharaoh to live for an indefinite period of time. The tomb of the pharaoh was situated in a labyrinth underneath a massive stone structure that pierced the sky in order to mark the journey into the afterlife. This…

Getting On The Same Page

How many times have you wondered, I will never be able to pass this course? Or perhaps, Why are those students always on top of their game in school, while I struggle on a daily basis? Once, twice, seldom?

Reading with ease.

We often find reading problematic specially when it comes to a new language, unless you have some expert guidance backing you. Often we panic or give up, simply not trusting your skills.