6 U.S. History Tutorials

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White Americans who Fought for Civil Rights

African-Americans occupy a special place in the history of our great nation. Much of that history is focused on the Civil Rights Movement. This tutorial identifies pivotal roles played by White Americans during the Civil Rights Era.

Tariffs from the Gilded Age to the 21st Century

One of the most contentious issues of the Gilded Age (late 19th century) was how tariffs should be applied. Around it circled other political concerns such as currency, civil service reform, farmer discontent, the rise of agrarian revolt, and industrial values.

The Cold War Introduction

The cold war was a period of time in which heightened tensions between the USSR and the US were at an all time high. This occurred after the end of WW2 in which the United States, the USSR, and the United Kingdom previously in an alliance tensions grew among the differences in philosophical ideology between…

FUNdamentals of U.S. History

Is it possible to make history FUN? History can be fun and interesting if delivered in a way that the student one understands the objective and secondly is aware of the goals expected in the lesson. History is filled with dates, names and other information that a student must learn, however this can taught in…

How does our past impact our present day lives?

A question that gets asked a lot but is rarely ever answered correctly. Many students ask me why they have to learn history. I reply that every aspect of their lives has been determined by past events and people. After that answer I get “how.”

American Indians History

Much of what Americans know about the Indigenous people of North America comes through Hollywood movies and popular novels. These sources are typically full of stereotypes and factual errors.