4 Vocabulary Tutorials

These Vocabulary tutorials are written by experienced educators, all of whom also offer private tutoring lessons. Get the Vocabulary help you need, whether through these tutorials or through private tutoring lessons.

How to memorize vocabulary like a pro

One mistake students tend to make when memorizing vocabulary is to solely rely on maintenance rehearsal. Maintenance rehearsal is when you continuously repeat the information you’re trying to learn. This can be verbal but it also applies to writing a concept multiple times. This can take a long, long time especially when you’re trying to…

How to break down words

In today’s generation, many students have a difficult time pronouncing big words. Often times we depend on spellcheck and this can ruin our vocabulary skills. Here is a way to help you in the future!

Mnemonics in Vocabulary

Studying vocabulary can sometimes be stressful for students, particularly at the high school level. Advancement in the difficulty of vocabulary words is necessary for high school students who already have a solid base of reading experience.

Learn spelling quickly

We often fear big words spelled differently. Now here’s the trick. Break each word in your mind, after referring to its meaning in the dictionary. Read it thrice after breaking it up in your mind. Write the word on a piece of paper, see it before going to bed and link the word to something…