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In France and Russia, there were slogans shouting out for what the vast majority of the people wanted during the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

Roman Republic

By around 494 BCE, the plebians revolted and set their base camp outside of the city Rome’s walls. The patricians or the aristocrats helped end the revolt and made a way for plebians and other citizens of Rome to understand the rules. They posted it in the Forum, which was like a metropolitan area.

German Unification under Otto von Bismarck

During the 1860s, King Wilhelm I led Prussia, and he appointed Otto von Bismarck as the Foreign Minister of Prussia. Bismarck was a shrewd diplomat, and he used force and conquest to get the lands that Prussia needed to become the German Empire. He gave a speech regarding about the German Unification.

Nicholas Copernicus

During the time of the Renaissance in Europe, the Catholic Church was weakening due to its problems and disagreements. Also, some people had begun to question the Catholic Church’s teachings, which was also the wisdom from the Greco-Roman times. This was a revolution of scientific ideas, which was the Scientific Revolution. The wisdom of the…

Causes of World War 1

Before World War 1, and after the 40-year peace in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, there were a lot of tensions brewing in Europe. The great powers had competed to be the most superior and the most powerful nation in the world. In the area called the Balkans, which were in the southeastern part…

Middle Ages-Causes and Effects of the Crusades

There are causes and effects of the events for to have an impact in history whether they are significant or insignificant.

The Russian Tsars: Ivan IV

Ivan the forth or better known as Ivan the Terrible was the first self-acclaimed Tsar (Czar) of Russia. The son of Vasili III, Ivan the Terrible lost his father when he was three, his father died from blood poisoning, his mother,Elena Glinskaya, died when he was 8,she also died by poisoning. The deaths of his…

Where History Meets Faith: Pontius Pilate the Ruler of Judea

World history intersects with religious and archeological history at significant points.Pontius Pilate, the Governor of Judea is a political figure at the crossroads of history.

Punic Wars

The Romans fought the Carthaginians three times between 264-146BC in what are called the Punic Wars (the Roman name for the Carthaginians). Carthage is a powerful trading center on the coast of North Africa. Rome is a powerful land-based center in Italy. Sicily lies between the two powers but is traditionally allied with Carthage.

Pelopponesian War

A war usually divided into 3 periods, between rival Greek city-states Athens and Sparta occurring from 431 – 404 B.C.