7 World History Tutorials

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Punic Wars

The Romans fought the Carthaginians three times between 264-146BC in what are called the Punic Wars (the Roman name for the Carthaginians). Carthage is a powerful trading center on the coast of North Africa. Rome is a powerful land-based center in Italy. Sicily lies between the two powers but is traditionally allied with Carthage.

Pelopponesian War

A war usually divided into 3 periods, between rival Greek city-states Athens and Sparta occurring from 431 – 404 B.C.

French Revolution (1789-1799)

The French Revolution was a 10 year period in where monarchy came to an end. The enlightenment period and corruption were the roots of the French Revolution.

Late Roman Antiquity

The issue surrounding late Roman antiquity was not that Rome fell, but rather if it just simply ceased to exist. When Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor, was taken down by Odoacer around AD 571, Rome was redefined, but how?

Strategies for AP European History Study and Exam

The AP European History Exam is widely regarded as one of the most frustrating and difficult history classes that can be taken in the high school curriculum. It covers a wide time period from 1300-2000, causing many students to struggle with memorizing all the facts. The problem for most students would be the content and…

An Anthropological/Darwinian View of the Rise and Fall of Societies

The label “high society” has traditionally been understood to describe urban centers with written language and developed art, music, architecture, irrigation, community organization, and other cultural milestones. The label “low society” has traditionally been understood to describe those living in remote, rural areas, especially pastoral nomads.

Women’s history

Many people claim that Islam is sexist. But some muslim-majority countries have elected female heads of state