34 Writing Tutorials

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Thesis Statements Made Easy!

What even is a Thesis Statement!? This is a question myself and many other like me asked when first hearing this term being thrown around in high school. It seemed intimidating to even think about, let alone write! Worry not, whether it is your first time writing one or you are writing one for the…


Most of the people do their work with wrong words or wrong capitalizations. I am here to teach you how to correct mistakes formally so if someone tries to make you check their work, you can do it in a clean way.

Writing a Thesis

When beginning a paper, the issue that many people face is coming up with a thesis sentence. A thesis sentence is one of the most important parts of the introductory paragraph, as it lets the reader know what you will be writing about.

Aspiring Writers Struggle With Unnecessary Verbiage

It’s been my experience that the biggest problem facing most writers is using too many words to express a thought. Rewriting means recasting an offending sentence, not until nothing more can be added, but until nothing more can be deleted.

Writing an Effective Essay

Writing in any level of schooling can be a hard task to do, especially if you don’t enjoy the act of writing, or you have difficulties gathering enough mental data to compile into an effective paper that would score high on the scale. This tutorial will hopefully help you by giving you an insight from…

Intro into Writing a Thesis

When writing an essay for any class it is important to start with a thesis. Now these tend to be the hardest to come up with in such a short period of time plus the thesis is the foundation for the essay itself. Don’t stress, this tutorial is to guide you in the right direction…

The Importance of an Outline

Over the course of elementary education, students typically learn steps to complete for writing assignments. These steps can include brainstorming, pre-writing/ rough drafts, editing, finalizing, and several variations or other short steps in between.

How To: Crafting A Short Story

Creative writing is possibly one of the most daunting tasks a non-native writer can have. Filling the void of white space can be overwhelming when you don’t have the rules of academic or journalistic forms of literature to hide behind. So, how do you undertake an assignment that calls for your creative expression when you’re…

How to Write A Basic 5-Paragraph Essay

So, your teacher is making you write an essay. It’s easy enough to start writing, but often times you don’t know where to go after you start. Here’s a guide to write a solid 5-paragraph essay!


Writing a paper? Can’t remember how to cite that novel you quoted on the second page? No worries! Very simple!