18 Writing Tutorials

These Writing tutorials are written by experienced educators, all of whom also offer private tutoring lessons. Get the Writing help you need, whether through these tutorials or through private tutoring lessons.

Finding a Theme

A common problem I find among middle school students and perhaps even high school students is that they cannot develop a theme after reading a short story or even watching a short film. However, this can easily be remedied.

The Currency Of Knowledge

The first of many benefits of staying in school is having the grades to qualify you for a full scholarship to the best universities in the land. A degree can open doors to career paths and social circles not otherwise possible. In all, the right frame of mind, sheer will and determination, can lead to…

Remember the Basics

Written Language and conversational language require an entirely different presentation.

So you want to write a summary?

For a student who is only just beginning to read and write, writing a summary can be baffling. Often, a beginning student will just rewrite everything they read (sometimes word for word), or forget everything they’ve read before they have a chance to write a summary. The latter is precisely why they need a summary-…

Tips on Writing an Interesting Essay

Essays are a necessary part of high school, and most certainly college. The structure of an essay is simple. Much like math formulas, there is a formula for essay structure. During my time in college, the all too familiar requirement came up in my writing assignments. This was “be sure that you connect your thoughts”.…

Rhetorical Techniques

Would you like to give your essay or research paper extra punch and impress your teacher or instructor to influence your mark?

Honesty is key

The biggest problem with beginning writers and writers who struggle is that they are trying to be something they’re not. The key to good writing is honesty. The reason people are trying instead of being is that they lack confidence or they lack information. Confidence comes with time, but information is the fastest way to…

How to Impress a Teacher

As a student your main task is to pass the class, but how can you pass the class if you can’t write a simple essay? Your teacher knows that you can do the work, you are one of their best students, but when it comes to writing you freeze up. There is nothing to be…

The Plot And The Playwright

At the behest of a captive audience, the playwright must contend with the demands of entertainment and curiosity, a crowd in awe must be fed line; if not, circumstance.

The Crafting Of Lore

By far, the most perplexing course requirement is to recollect the series of events leading into a critically historic undertaking. It should not consume more than several hours of reading, a modest assortment of books or articles, and a dash of ingenuity or creativity; notwithstanding the proper amount of writing acumen.