52 Writing Tutorials

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MLA Format Video Tutorial-Google Docs

MLA format is pretty simple, but very specific. It’s easy to make a tiny formatting mistake that can lose you valuable points on your essay or report.

Sour Note: Texting Leaves Writers, Readers Tone-Deaf

When Neil Papworth sent the world’s first text message (“Merry Christmas”) in 1992, it’s doubtful he knew the horrors he was unleashing on the English language. Still, the father of “text trash” should be placed in stocks in the public square, sporting sackcloth and ashes.

Being In The Element

The most memorable people are generally those who possess a unique ability or those who indelibly mark a point in time into an unforgettable moment merely by saying or by doing something extraordinary.

Motivating Yourself For a Written Assignment (Homework)

Writing for homework is more sustainable after a series of steps, as writing requires energy. Using a routine to gain energy is learned. It is common to approach a written assignment feeling drained and unmotivated. There are a handful of reasons that might contribute to these feelings; not eating properly, tiredness from the day’s routine,…

How to Get the Juices Flowing

Sometimes, it is difficult to think of a writing topic, and because of this, some people feel deterred from even trying. Even I have found myself wondering if my work is worth reading, but when these thoughts are introduced into my head, I simply do what I like to call a “Word Blah”. This is…

Rough Drafts

Start with a rough draft-that is, get all your ideas down on paper. After that, provide some structure by creating an outline and the main points you want to make in the paper. Start large with the main idea and then add supporting statements. Then get more specific. Go online or use other research material…

How to Write a Massive Paper in Less Than 7 Days in Less Than 7 Steps

You have a MASSIVE paper. Maybe it’s not even massive, but that’s not the problem. The problem for most students is that after you struggle through those hours of writing, you come to find later that it’s been peppered with red slashes and circles. If you worked so hard, why did you end up writing…

Direction and Word Order in Persian

Persian Word Order is different from English. In English we usually put the subject first, and then verb phrase, then the object or adverb phrase. This is called Subject-Verb-Object word order, and we say English is an SVO language .

Persian, Farsi or Parsi?

The official language of Iran is sometimes called Farsi in English and other languages. This is a correct transliteration of the native name of the language, however many, including the ISO and the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, prefer the name Persian for the language. Some speakers use the older local name: Parsi (ﭘﺎرﺳﯽ)

Is “Social Media” Singular or Plural?

Social media has become an important form of communication since its first official political use to garner support for the grassroots campaign that led President Obama to victory. Today, President Trump places even higher priority on this form of communication by making official statements via Twitter. With this level of use, there is no doubt…