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How to formulate a thesis

A thesis is defined by Merriam- Webster dictionary as “a position or proposition that a person (such as a candidate for scholastic honors) advances and offers to maintain by argument.” Simply put, a thesis is a statement you make that the one who made said statement will aim to prove. A thesis is arguably the…

For All Their Blessings, Computers Have Hurt Writing

In two bestsellers during the 1970s, “Strictly Speaking” and “A Civil Tongue,” the late television journalist Edwin Newman asked rhetorically: “Will America be the death of English?” I wonder what Newman would think of the text trash that permeates so much of our writing today: “u makes me so hupy … can we b 2gether…

Basics of the Essay

Does an essay assignment strike fear and dread into your heart? No longer! Learn the basics of a well-organized essay on any subject.

Journaling in Early Education

Many students find themselves in a position where they must write an essay or story for school; but because they either lack the skills or the confidence in their ability, they do not complete the task. Journaling gets a student interested and involved in daily writing, and in activities that help when faced with new…

Story Decisions Can Sometimes Make Editors (Sic)

The Associated Press Stylebook is the gold standard for grammar, spelling, punctuation, language use, and so much more, providing consistent guidelines for writers for nearly 65 years. An editor would be foolhardy to question such an arbiter of proper usage. I proceed.

Thesis Statements Made Easy!

What even is a Thesis Statement!? This is a question myself and many other like me asked when first hearing this term being thrown around in high school. It seemed intimidating to even think about, let alone write! Worry not, whether it is your first time writing one or you are writing one for the…


Most of the people do their work with wrong words or wrong capitalizations. I am here to teach you how to correct mistakes formally so if someone tries to make you check their work, you can do it in a clean way.

Writing a Thesis

When beginning a paper, the issue that many people face is coming up with a thesis sentence. A thesis sentence is one of the most important parts of the introductory paragraph, as it lets the reader know what you will be writing about.

Aspiring Writers Struggle With Unnecessary Verbiage

It’s been my experience that the biggest problem facing most writers is using too many words to express a thought. Rewriting means recasting an offending sentence, not until nothing more can be added, but until nothing more can be deleted.

Writing an Effective Essay

Writing in any level of schooling can be a hard task to do, especially if you don’t enjoy the act of writing, or you have difficulties gathering enough mental data to compile into an effective paper that would score high on the scale. This tutorial will hopefully help you by giving you an insight from…