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The Plot And The Playwright

At the behest of a captive audience, the playwright must contend with the demands of entertainment and curiosity, a crowd in awe must be fed line; if not, circumstance.

The Crafting Of Lore

By far, the most perplexing course requirement is to recollect the series of events leading into a critically historic undertaking. It should not consume more than several hours of reading, a modest assortment of books or articles, and a dash of ingenuity or creativity; notwithstanding the proper amount of writing acumen.

Formula For Fluency

In consideration of all the standard methods for writing an essay, the incumbent writer will inevitably ask what is the general procedure for the assembly of words into a cohesive composition.

Belabouring The Ink

With reference books tucked away and thoughts hastily inscribed on paper or forged on screen, the reticent scribe would no doubt feel justifiably liberated. Except that, manuscripts are likely to undergo a series of disappointing rejections and stand to be debunked for one reason or the other. The writing phase is the primary portion of…

A Playwright In The Making

Once the grammar has been toiled with and the reference texts fanned; the final commentary, more often than not, puts a damper on even the most confident student. All is not lost. There are other genres that downplay the rigidity of modern language by conveying a bastion of emotion and a torrent of thought, through…

A Blueprint For Composition

Once the writer has acquired the prime materials to set forth the quintessential literary masterpiece, what often besets is the notion that a matter that started out with the best of intention has quickly splattered into a behemoth of a chore. In order to tame the heap into manageable morsels of accomplishment, this segment will…

Communication Styles: Business vs Academic

As an academic turned businessman, I’ve observed striking differences between communication styles in business and academia. The way I see it, all these differences can be boiled down to one simple idea: in business, it is the writer’s responsibility to make the reader comprehend; in academia, it is the reader’s responsibility to comprehend the writer.…

In Writing, Be Regal

A timely matter of discord in writing courses is, by preponderance of evidence, revealing the ideal method for conflagrance of words worthy of perusal by the readership at large. By a long list of leading educators, in hindsight, the virtues of several indispensable devices are henceforth extolled.

The Process Behind The Essay

Even the most able student eventually encounters the one subject or the one assignment that proves to be an insurmountable challenge. While other students have moved from the essay assignment to math or science with ease, some find it almost impossible to produce an essay worthy of praise. For this reason, the following discussion will…