10 Language Tutorials

These Language tutorials are written by experienced educators, all of whom also offer private tutoring lessons. Get the Language help you need, whether through these tutorials or through private tutoring lessons.

French Poetry

How to say some beautiful lines to your friend, your partner or your children without even speaking one word of French.

Verbs of Motion Basics

According to 501 Russian Verbs by Thomas R. Beyer, Jr., “[t]he verbs of motion are an essential part of a Russian’s outlook.” In this lesson we will take a look at several common verbs of motion.

Memorizing the Russian Alphabet Isn’t Actually Impossible

It’s true: Learning to read and write in Russian can be just as hard as grammar. Use these mnemonic devices to help you read and write effortlessly.

Basic Greetings / Salutations

The first thing when you meet someone is the greeting and introduction part, which is what I am going to teach you today.

L’imparfait (The Imperfect Tense)

Here are the steps to forming the Imperfect tense in French and some of its uses.

The Present Conditional

Here are the steps to form the present conditional and its uses in French.

Tips for the AP Spanish Language and Culture test

There are so many elements to the Spanish language that it’s difficult to guess what graders will focus on. In addition, “culture” is so broad that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Gender Agreement of Nouns and Adjectives

In French, a noun can be masculine or feminine depending on its ending, article, and the context of the sentence in which it’s found. There are several endings for both genders, for example, in the masculine -eur, -el, -ien, no -e, etc and, in the Feminine, -eure, -elle, -ienne, -e, etc).

How to pronounce the Spanish alphabet

Every good introduction to language starts with the alphabet. As simple as this concept sounds, it is the key to starting to read, and thus gaining proficiency, in the language. Learning the alphabet will not only aid in the understanding of Spanish, but also the understanding of Romance languages (e.g. French, Spanish, Italian) in general…

Conjugating any verb in the Imperfect Subjunctive

This is a tense usually introduced in high schools at around level 3 or 4 and is one of the simpler tenses to conjugate as no verb forms it irregularly, i.e. once the pattern is learned, it is smooth sailing from there. Step-by-step are given below.