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Les soins médicaux (ley-swanh-may-dee-koh): Human relations – Part 5

Greetings, Today we are talking about medical care as human relations. In this part 5, we will list some names of things in medical care as part of human relations.

La nourriture (Lah-Nu-ree-tewr) – Human Relations 4

Hello or “Bonjour” to everyone. Today we will be working on the 4th part of the series “human relations”. What do humans relate to? The 4th part will talk about “Food”. We will say some words in french, so you can compose yourselves your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Avoir: To have

Learning how to conjugate the verbs avoir and etre are key to learning french. Here is how it goes: Avoir: I have- J’Ai You have- Tu As He/She/It has- Il/Elle/On A We have- Nous Avons You have (pl.)- Vous Avez They have- Ils Ont/Elles Ont (Use the masculine plural if there is a group of…

Les lieux de travail (ley lee-oeh-doeh-trah-vah-yyy) – Human relations: Part 3

Greetings, in the continuation of our series of human relations, let talk today about workplaces. There are many ways to say workplaces in French, but if you just say “Les lieux de travail” (Ley-lee-oeh-doeh-trah-vah-yyy) or “Domaine des fonctions” (Doh-maen-deh-fonk-seeonh), everyone will know what you are talking about. Please note that the phrase “Domaine des fonctions”…

La Famille (Lah Fah-mee-yy) – Human relations: Part 2

Greetings. Today we are continuing our series of human relations. We are going to talk about family. Family in French is “La Famille/Une Famille” (Fah-mee-yy), feminine word. So let’s see what family is composed of:

Les relations humaines (Ley relah-seeonh-ewmaen) – Human relations: Part 1.

Human relations are multiples in French culture and French system. They have a way to grant straight comprehension through what they are saying. This lesson is going to be a serie of different sections, but today we are going to focus on love relation.

Les couleurs (Ley or Leh Kuloehr) – Colors

Today here is a little bit of science and physics in what we are going to learn in the sense that it is about colors. Colors are components of light although light is white on the naked eye; so we are going to learn how to say the main colors in French. The word color…

The “passé composé” – the French past tense

The passé composé is the second tense you will likely learn in French; it is immensely common and important. So what is the passé composé? It is used to indicate that an action happened in the past and corresponds to the English “-ed” form of the verb. For example, the past tense of the English…

Les salutations (Ley or Leh Sah-lwe-tah-seonh) – Greetings

Greetings in French is designated by the phrase “Les Salutations”. There are 3 ways to say greet someone. They are familiar form, simple form and polite form. You use the polite form until the person is used to you or until the person tells you it’s ok to address simply: – Familiar form of salutations…

Les mois de l’année (Ley or leh-mwa-doeh-lah-nay) – Months of the year.

Greetings. We are learning how to say, and write the months of the year in French today. A month in French is designated by the word “Mois” (Mwah). It sounds just like when you say “me” in French. However the catch is in the writing and you have to perceive the sense of the sentence…