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Conjugating present tense -ER verbs

Regular verbs ending in -ER are all conjugated the same way in the present tense. By taking the stem of the verb, you will add the following endings: Je: -e Tu: -es il/elle: -e Nous: -ons Vous: -ez ils/ells: -ent

Conjugating French Verbs in the Present tense

Present Tense: Occurring in the present; ongoing in the present Infinitive: Base of the word (to Eat, to Sleep) Conjugate: Manipulate or modify an infinitive of a verb to be in accordance with the voice, mood, or tense. The present tense is no doubt the most frequently used verb tense in any language! (I am…

French Poetry

How to say some beautiful lines to your friend, your partner or your children without even speaking one word of French.

Basic Greetings / Salutations

The first thing when you meet someone is the greeting and introduction part, which is what I am going to teach you today.

L’imparfait (The Imperfect Tense)

Here are the steps to forming the Imperfect tense in French and some of its uses.

The Present Conditional

Here are the steps to form the present conditional and its uses in French.

Gender Agreement of Nouns and Adjectives

In French, a noun can be masculine or feminine depending on its ending, article, and the context of the sentence in which it’s found. There are several endings for both genders, for example, in the masculine -eur, -el, -ien, no -e, etc and, in the Feminine, -eure, -elle, -ienne, -e, etc).