2 German Tutorials

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Counting in German

Counting to 99 is simple in German. 1-eins 2-zwei 3-drei 4-vier 5-fünf 6-sechs 7-sieben 8-acht 9-neun 10-zehn 11- elf 12-zwölf For 13-19, just add “zehn” to the end of the number 13-dreizehn etc For 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc just add “zig” 20-zwanzig etc For 21, 22, 34, 37, 68, etc just write *ones…

Conjugating “to be”

One of the most important verbs in both English and German is the verb “to be.” In German, the unconjugated form of the verb is “sein” Present Tense I am-ich bin You are-du bist She/He/It is-sie/er/es ist We are-wir sind You (pl.) are-ihr seid They are-sie sind You(formal) are- Sie sind