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Probabilty- For Grade 11-Revision

This probability tutorial is ideal for Grade 11 and for those who are sitting for O/L examination in Maths. It is a revision paper for the lesson “probability”

Find radius and height of a cylindrical container with Minimum Cost of Construction

This is another hot topic that will absolutely have one or more problems on your calculus exam. For this type of problem first you’ll need an equation of height in terms of radius, so that you can end up with only a variable of r for the equation of minimum cost. Next is to calculate…

First Derivative Max/Min Optimization

This is one of the most popular concepts that you will be asked in your college calculus courses. Finding maximum and minimum values of a given equation or graph. This type of problem often requires you to craft an equation with only one variable for taking the first derivative so you can find max or…


It is often difficult to grasp the idea of slope when it is first introduced. A simple way to think about it is the “steepness” of the line on the graph. The most common equation to find slope is y=mx+b. In this equation, m represents the slope.

Square roots shortcut

There are times where you get a square root to simplify, but you have an option to use calculator. But wait, what if you don’t? Well don’t worry, I can teach you to find an approximate value of square roots.

Part 2 Verbal Problems Systems of Equations

This is the second part with problems 4-6.

Verbal Problems Solving for two unknowns with two equations

This Tutorial I wrote presents six problems with increasing difficulty that use Substitution and Elimination methods to obtain both unknowns. I will break it up into two parts.

Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Exponential and Logarithmic equations are very simple; however, algebraic mistakes can easily be made. This problem illustrates how to find the solution set in terms of “e” and the solution set in decimal form.

One Step Equations

These are one step equations to find the variable of the problem.

How to figure out word problems.

Many times, while learning calculus, you will run into concepts that you understand, but can’t quite figure out in word problems. I will write a short guide that will give you a couple of things to think about before starting the problem, and a couple of tips in general. Some of these concepts could be…