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Derivative of a Variable Raised to a Power

There are two methods to finding the derivative in this case. There is one formula that involves taking the limit of a specific equation as the change in x approaches 0 while the other formula is a simple one step problem. Finding this type of derivative is very simple.

Prime Factorizations

Given the example of two numbers multiplied, we can break down the factors of both numbers to form the product made with only prime numbers. A prime number is a whole number that can only be divisible by itself and 1. Some examples of the smallest prime numbers are; 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.…

Standard Deviation and Standard Error

As a math and statistic tutor I have often been asked “What is the difference between standard deviation and standard error?” My objective in this tutorial is to demonstrate with an example what the difference is. To fully comprehend the difference we need to know what a sampling distribution is and the definitions of standard…

Introduction to Unit Circle in Trigonometry

The understanding of the Unit Circle is foundational in trigonometry. For a detailed background introduction to the concept of the Unit Circle, click here.

Plan a trip

This is a practical exercise to improve math skills and get students to think about applying math to problems they will encounter in life.

Simple Derivative calculation

Derivatives are the foundation of calculus 1. Calculus 1 focuses on the study of derivatives and how it can change. There are different rules such as product, and quotient rules. These problems occur frequently and require such use of derivation techniques.

Solving Quadratic Equations Using Factoring

A Quadratic Equation at this level usually looks something like this: 2x + 4x – 6 = 0 I will explain the easiest way to solve a quadratic equation.


Here is an example of a probability question illustrated with a deck of cards:

Tackling negative numbers

A positive number multiplied by a negative number equals a negative number. A negative number multiplied by a negative number equals a positive number, so what’s a positive number multiplied by a negative number that’s then multiplied by another negative number? A positive number! Negative numbers could be pesky little things. But if you remember…

Quadratic Formula

The quadratic formula is a life-saver when finding the value(s) for a variable given a complex equation. The formula itself may seem overwhelming, but the process is as simple as plugging in the numbers that are given to you from the original equation into the quadratic formula.