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exponential function

y=v(u(x)) — dy/dx=v'(u(x)).u'(x) (1) d/dx(sinx)=cosx (2) d/dx(cosx)=-sinx (3) d/dx(tanx)=(secx)2

Differentiating related function

d/dt(sinx(t))=d/dx(sinx).dx/dt d/dt(cosy(t))=d/dy(cosy).dy/dt

Radical Equation

There are many kinds of equations out there in math. One of them is the radical equation. The radical is this, √, but this is actually a square root, but I will explain. Each of these equations has the same basic concept of trying to isolate the variable to try to make it equal. In…

Differentiating using multiple rules

We will need to use the product rule and chain rule

Differentiating using multiple rule

using the chain rule and product rule

Parametric functions differentiation

In general, to find the derivative of a function defined parametrically by the equations x=u(t), y=v(t), we use the following rule dy/dx=(dy/dt).(dt/dx)=v(t)/u(t)

Second Derivative parametric function

x=u(t) dx/dt=U'(t) y=v(t) dy/dt=v'(t) dy/dx=dy/dt.dt/dx d2y/dx2=d/dt(dy/dx).dt/dx

Negative power differentiation

We can rewrite each rational term in the expression as a negative power of x

Derivatives of inverse trigonometric function

the formula for the derivative of arctan(x)=1/(1+x2).

What are the properties of quadrilaterals?

In geometry, the parallelogram and the trapezoid are the fundamental quadrilaterals respectively to classify their own type. The types of parallelograms are the rectangle, rhombus, and square. The types of the trapezoid are the isosceles trapezoid and a right trapezoid.