56 Algebra 1 Tutorials

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Quadratic-Linear Equations

When we do quadratic-linear equations, it is the same as systems of linear equations. We have to apply the same principle of substituting y or x, depending on the linear equation itself. We can do without substituting and rather treat the equations as equations to be done algebraically. We have to find the intersecting coordinates…

Find the X

An equation is given below. 4(x-7)= 0.3(x+2) +2.11

Factorization (with Fortnite)

Imagine this scenario. So basically you’re playing Fortnite and your mom calls your name for dinner for like the third time. There are like three people left and you’ve told her for like the second or third time that you can’t pause your game. You see the fight between the other two guys and you…

Absolute Value

The concept of absolute value has many uses, but you probably won’t see anything interesting for a few more classes yet. There is a technical definition for absolute value, but you could easily never need it. (If you go as far as calculus, the technical definition might come up.) For now, you should view the…

Building Speed with Equations

There are lots of formal steps that we learn for working with algebraic equations, but after you’ve learned them, there are quicker ways to go about getting an equation in a form you want.

Equations of Parallel Lines

Non-vertical lines, or lines that have positive, negative or undefined slope, are parallel if they have the same slope and different y-intercepts. Vertical lines, which have zero slope, are parallel if they have the same slope and different x-intercepts.

Solving 2-Step Equations

Solving 2-Step equations may seem hard at first but becomes really quite easy after you get the hang of it. It simply consists of isolating the variable within the equation.

Order of Operations

Here we will be discussing the topic of “Order of Operations.” Many math students find simplifying an expression to be daunting at first because they do not know which steps to take as there appears to be multiple options. To clarify, the order of operations is ALWAYS: P: Parenthesis E: Exponents M: Multiplication D: Division…

Nonlinear equations, Solve for x

How do you solve a simple equation for x when an exponent is involved?

Solving Equations in One Variable

Solving equations in one variable is the most common problem in Algebra I.