56 Algebra 1 Tutorials

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Find X

The easiest way to find X is to take all the nubers and place them on one side of the = side leaving the X on the other.

Where did we get the Quadratic Formula?

This tutorial derives the Quadratic Formula to show students where it came from.

Equations with Variables on Both Sides

To solve an equation that has variables on both sides, use the Addition or Subtraction Properties of Equality to get the variable on one side of the equation.

Polynomials part 1- Vocabulary and Understanding

A polynomial is an expression that consists of variables and coefficients. The expression will only consist of operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, as well as exponents that are non-negative integers. There are 4 types: 1) monomial 2) binomial 3) trinomial 4) polynomial. Examples: 1) 4x 2) 5x+3y 3) 3x^2+2x+2 4) x^5-3x^2+x-5 Notice that the…

Simplify absolute value expressions.

Simplify absolute value expressions.

Quadratic Factoring 1

Factoring quadratics is often an area where students struggle. In this tutorial I would like to go over the process for factoring the expression: (X^2 + X – 30)

Solving for x

These types of problems are used to solve for x and find a more simplified expression with only one value for x.

Defining Units

Labor Imagine doing some labor. All things being equal, you would expect to do twice as much work in 2 hours as you would in only 1 hour. Using much the same reasoning, you would also expect, if you had another person helping you, to perform twice as much labor in a given 1 hour…

Introduction to the Substitution Method for Linear Equations

The substitution method is one algebraic way to find the point where two lines intersect, or in other words, solve the system of equations. The first step to this is to solve for one of the variables, in this case we’ll call it “y” in one of the two equations. Next, you would SUBSTITUTE the…

Understanding Algebra: What’s it all about?

Algebra is a magnificent, yet scary and often confusing step in learning mathematics. It is the point where math ceases to be just a tedious sequence of mechanical steps; instead, math becomes creative. It is the study of observing and identifying patterns, discovering the properties of those patterns, and then using everything you’ve learned to…