56 Algebra 1 Tutorials

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Basic FOIL equations

An equation with two grouped parenthesis needing to be in grouped into a basic polynomial can be solved using a FOIL method. The method stands for ‘first, outside, inside, last’

Slope of a Line

Slope Intercept Form: Y= mx + b , where m is the slope of the line and b is the Y-intercept. The slope of a nonertical line is the ratio of the vertical change to the corresponding horizontal change. In other words, m = (Vertical Change)/(Horizontal Change) To calculate, we use the formula, m= (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)

Solving a Two-Step Equation

SOLVING TWO-STEP EQUATIONS • Your objective is to get the variable isolated on one side and then get it all alone. Also, Remember whatever you do to one side you must do the other. This requires two steps. • Definitions -A Variable is a letter of the alphabet that represents a number -A Constant is…

Algebra Story Problem: Simple Interest

Story problems give many students some struggles–if you’re in this group you’re definitely not alone. We’ll explore a problem involving earning interest on savings accounts. The methods discussed here can be applied to a wide variety of problems. I’ll start my solution with a detailed step-by-step process and end with a shorter summary. Depending on…

Polynomial Division

We’re going to solve polynomial and monomial equation

Solving problems including direct proportionality

These types of problems seem to be very simple , yet students have a lot of problems solving them due to lengthy solutions given by most of school teachers. In here we’ll solve them the easy, and fast way. Difficult wording is another issue, so we’ll analyze the problem to find the key numbers that…

Introduction to Accounting Part 1: Transactions

Accounting is recording transactions and summarizing data. A company has assets (like cash, inventory, patents, buildings, investments) that provide future benefits. The total value of the assets is made up of equity (money the company made or money owners put in) as well as liabilities (money the company borrowed). The accounting equation is assets=liabilities+equity: what…

Word Problems–suggestions

Many students feel that a word problem is too hard, so the result is that they decided to guess if it’s multiple choice. This works some of the time, especially if two or more answer are not possible, most of the time can we weeded down to two answer giving anyone a 50% change at…

Basic Algebra Problem

You and 6 friends want to get ice cream. A single scoop is $1 and a double scoop is $2. You and your friends decide to put all your money together and want to see if you can all get a double scoop.

Solving Equations with Variables

The following is an example of an equation that requires multiplication, addition and subtraction knowledge with variables. This equation is solving for X. The final result should include variable X on one side of the equal sign with an number on the other.