24 Algebra 2 Tutorials

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Mathematical Induction

Mathematical induction is a form of proof that takes place in two parts. It is surprisingly useful. Part 1) Prove that the statement is true for the number 1. Part 2) Prove that if it is true for any number n then it is also true for the number n+1. Think about it… we first…

Square Roots of Complex Numbers

Just like for real numbers there will be two square roots for a complex number. Finding these roots involves solving a system of two equations in two unknowns Let’s say we want the square root of 3 + 4i. The square root will be of the form a + bi Then $(a+bi)^2 = a^2 +…

Multiplying Complex Numbers

We wish to multiply two complex numbers, say (a+bi)(c+di) We will use the FOIL method: First Outer Inner Last. ******************************************** PLOT (PL)(OT) (PO) + (PT) + (L0) + (LT) F…………O…………I…………L your plot has been foiled 🙂 ********************************************

Preparing for Algebra 2

All too often, students begin classes in algebra II without a clear understanding of what is required to have a smooth and fulfilling learning experience. Obviously, a good grasp of concepts, processes and procedures introduced in algebra I is of paramount importance. Beyond this, the student should be aware that algebra II delves heavily into…