14 Calculus Tutorials

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Algebraic Evaluation of Limits

We are going to use a simple example to explain key concepts in limit.

L’Hospital Rule

Is indeterminate form the only condition we need to check before using L’Hospital Rule?

What are Derivatives? Basics of Derivatives.

Derivatives are something heavily used in Calculus. They are used to find the slope of the tangent line of a specific function. There are many different rules for deriving a function but I’m just going to go over a few of them. In this tutorial I’ll cover the basics. First and foremost are constants. If…

Derivative of a Variable Raised to a Power

There are two methods to finding the derivative in this case. There is one formula that involves taking the limit of a specific equation as the change in x approaches 0 while the other formula is a simple one step problem. Finding this type of derivative is very simple.

Simple Derivative calculation

Derivatives are the foundation of calculus 1. Calculus 1 focuses on the study of derivatives and how it can change. There are different rules such as product, and quotient rules. These problems occur frequently and require such use of derivation techniques.

How to find which of two functions is greater (or smaller)

Here is a problem that many students find difficulty in solving that if we are provided with two functions say one is F(X) and other is G(X) and we have to find whether F(X) >= G(X) or vice versa. the problem involves a good use of functions,Derivatives and applications of derivatives. firstly we will subtract…

Find radius and height of a cylindrical container with Minimum Cost of Construction

This is another hot topic that will absolutely have one or more problems on your calculus exam. For this type of problem first you’ll need an equation of height in terms of radius, so that you can end up with only a variable of r for the equation of minimum cost. Next is to calculate…

First Derivative Max/Min Optimization

This is one of the most popular concepts that you will be asked in your college calculus courses. Finding maximum and minimum values of a given equation or graph. This type of problem often requires you to craft an equation with only one variable for taking the first derivative so you can find max or…

How to figure out word problems.

Many times, while learning calculus, you will run into concepts that you understand, but can’t quite figure out in word problems. I will write a short guide that will give you a couple of things to think about before starting the problem, and a couple of tips in general. Some of these concepts could be…

Advanced Integration: Integrate 1/e^x((4+e^(2x))^(1/2)) dx

Advanced Integration

    \[\int\frac{1}{e^x}\big((4+e^{2x})^\frac{1}{2}\Big)\ dx\]

This is a very loaded integral. I highly doubt you would ever see this in a standard undergraduate calculus course. It was fun!