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Implicit differentiation

power rule d/dx(xn)=nx(n-1) chain rule (f(g(x))’=f'(g(x)).g(x)

Differentiate rational functions

d/dx(xn)=nx(n-1) d/dx(x)=1 d/dx(c)=0

Differentiating trigonometric function

(1) d/dx(sinx)= cosx (2) d/dx(cosx)= -sinx (3) d/dx(tanx)= -( secx)2 (4) d/dx(cotx)= -(cosecx)2 (5) d/dx(secx)= secx.tanx (6) d/dx(cosecx)= -cosecx.cotx

Differentiating trigonometric function

d/dx(sinx)=cosx d/dx(cosx)=-sinx d/dx(tanx)=(secx)2

Composite exponential function differentiation

When we differentiate the composite exponential function, we want to use the product rule and the chain rule.

Composite exponential function differentiation

product rule chain rule d/dx(ax)=ln(a).ax

Composite exponential function differentiation

product rule chain rule ln(a)m=m(ln)a

implicit differentiation

Evaluating derivative with implicit differentiation.

Second Derivative

NOTATION FOR SECOND DERIVATIVE Leibniz’s notation is d2y/dx2 Lagrange’s notation is f”

chain rule twice

The chain rule tells us how to take the derivative of their composition. d/dx(f(g(x)))=f'(g(x)).g'(x)