17 Pre-Algebra Tutorials

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Understanding Absolute Value

When I first learned about absolute value, I thought it was a bit…weird. First of all, the notation for absolute value are these vertical bars |x| (literally called “vertical bars”) and the only thing it seemed to do was make a negative number positive. But absolute value means a lot more than just that.

Getting Ready for Algebra

Below are some tips that you can take starting today to prepare for your first college level math course. First, understand that you will need to take the Accuplacer test. After you are admitted contact a representative from your college or university. Usually this is a representative in the Office of Student Retention or Student…

Naming Decimal Places

Write the name of each decimal place indicated with a line under the number.


Exponents can be hard for some students here is a quick way to help them.

Rules For Integers in Mathematics

In mathematics, different functions have different rules and I can see a lot of students are struggling with the rules for integers. So I’ll kindly discuss the rules for each operation: + – * /

Prime Factorizations

Given the example of two numbers multiplied, we can break down the factors of both numbers to form the product made with only prime numbers. A prime number is a whole number that can only be divisible by itself and 1. Some examples of the smallest prime numbers are; 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.…

Plan a trip

This is a practical exercise to improve math skills and get students to think about applying math to problems they will encounter in life.

Tackling negative numbers

A positive number multiplied by a negative number equals a negative number. A negative number multiplied by a negative number equals a positive number, so what’s a positive number multiplied by a negative number that’s then multiplied by another negative number? A positive number! Negative numbers could be pesky little things. But if you remember…

Multiplication of Real Numbers

What are the rules for Multiplying Real Numbers? 1. Positive x Positive = Positive 2. Negative x Negative = Positive 3. Positive x Negative = Negative 4. Negative x Positive = Negative These rules apply to all Real Numbers – Whole Numbers; Decimal Numbers; Fractions

Operation on Functions

The following are the operations on Functions: a. for the sum f+h, (f+h)(x)=f(x)+h(x) b. for the difference, (f-h)(x)=f(x)-h(x) c. for the product, (f*h)(x)=f(x)*h(x) d. for the quotient, (f/h)(x)=f(x)/h(x)