33 Pre-Algebra Tutorials

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Decimals, Fractions, Percents

Teacher Proficiency/Basic Math Skills In this exercise you are going to memorize and workout decimal, fraction, percent problems. They are all basically long division problems.

Pre-Algebra Foundations

Teacher Proficiency/Basic Math Skills These exercises revisit math foundations.Brushing up on these concepts improves pre-algebra work.

Order of Operations

Reviewing basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Reviewing upper level arithmetic: parentheses, exponents

Evaluating Expressions

This tutorial is going to give you some general knowledge in evaluating numerical expressions

Solving equations with a variable on one side

The problem will require the learner to solve an equation with a variable on one side of the equals sign.

Order of Operations

When solving an algebraic problem there are certain steps that must be followed. These steps are known as the order of operations. They create the acronym PEMDAS, which stands for Parenthesis Exponents Multiply/Divide Add/Subtract. They must be solved in this order to get the correct answer

Multiple Linear Equations

This particular tutorial will demonstrate how one can find multiple linear equations. If you believe you need a better understanding of single linear equations, please view my 3 part tutorial (Graph proportional relationship). We will first use an example before graphing. You will be given 2 equations: 1) x+2y=1 2) 2x+4y=2 Before we begin, I…

Graph Proportional Relationships Part 3- Slope and Application

After reviewing the process of slope intercept form, we can finally apply this to real life scenarios. The first example is the speed of a sloth, which is probably more interesting than all of these math tutorials. However, it is important to understand the units involved in real cases. Example 1 The first thing one…

Graph Proportional Relationships Part 2- Slope

After understanding the where and how to find coordinates on a graph, we must understand the relationship between the points. This relationship is known as slope and will be a very popular term used for the rest of your math career. Slope is used in linear equations, meaning it is a straight line. Below is…

Graph Proportional Relationships Part 1- Review

Graphing proportional relationships is just another way of stating “find the point on the grid or graph.” Coordinates or points can be found on a grid with an x-axis and y-axis, each marked with specific units. The most basic graph below illustrates the key factors of a graph: the x-axis (horizontal), the y-axis (vertical), mid-point…