43 Pre-Algebra Tutorials

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Prime Factorization

Prime factorization is factoring out a number of its prime factors. A primary number is a number times by 1 and itself. A composite number has more than two factors. 1 can not be a prime factor since it only has one factor, which is only 1. For example: 12=2*2*3 28=2*2*7 18=2*3*3

Systems of Equations

2x+4y=10 x+y=3

Operations and Fractions

In this lesson we will be learning about LEARNING OBJECTIVES Find the prime factorization. Reduce a fraction to lowest terms. Find an equivalent fraction. Graph fractions on a number line. Add and subtract fractions. Multiply and divide fractions. Use the order-of-operations agreement with fractions.

‘Two Working Together’ and other Rate, Time and Distance problems.

A typical worded math problem is the ‘two working together’ problem, which is described here in detail. This is a classic test problem encountered in algebra and both quick and in-depth explanations are provided. Other examples are included.

Order of Operations

Order of operations is a building block for basic mathematics. Without this skill math can become difficult and result in the incorrect answer. We use the mnemonic PEMDAS to learn this skill. PEMDAS identifies order of operations reading left to right. P; Parenthesis E; Exponents M; Multiplication D; Division A; Addition S; Subtraction Follow this…


This will help understand the logic of expressions.

Simple pre-algebra problems

This little segment shows a variety of different pre-algebra expressions simplified down into a logical mathematical answer.

Why does 2^0 equal one, and not zero (using division)?

I’m writing this tutorial to explain to younger learners why any nonzero number raised to the power of zero equals one, and not zero. That is, this question begins to address why the following equation is correct: X^0 = 1 ,for all X ≠ 0. Specifically, I am writing this in such a way that…

The beauty of algebra

Algebra is the building block of all mathematics. Why? because from the very basic arithmetic to the most complex computations and to the most advance computer programming algebra plays the important role of getting the fastest and quickest way to arrive to a solution in every mathematical problem.

one step equations

This is to show you how to do one step equations.