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Stereochemistry: How to determine Chirality of a Molecule

There are priority rules in order to determine whether a molecule is of the R-configuration or S-configuration. 1) Atoms with the higher atomic number have higher priority. For example, Nitrogen has a higher atomic number than Carbon so it gets priority. 2) If a decision cannot be reached (because both atoms attached to the central…


What is microbiology? What does it entail and what is the reason or importance for the study of micro biology.

Using the Ideal Gas Law to determine the molecular weight of an unknown compound

Suppose you have a gas that you can reliably assume is an ideal gas, and that there is only one species present. You know the mass of the sample, and you have it confined at a known pressure, volume, and temperature. What is the molecular weight of the unknown gas?

Le Chatelier’s Principle and Endo/Exothermic Reactions

Adding or removing a product or reactant will shift the equilibrium of a reaction by Le Chatelier’s Principle. Adding or removing energy will have the same effect. Endothermic reactions take in energy, while exothermic reactions give off heat. Therefore, in an endothermic reaction, energy can be thought of as a reactant, and in an exothermic,…

Some pH, pOH, [H+], [OH-], and Kw Relationships

When dealing with acid/base chemistry some of the quantities can seem difficult to comprehend and even redundant. Try your hand at some of these relations!

Molarity of Pure Substances

Molarity as well as the units that make up molarity are used indefinitely in chemistry, so fully understanding the concept is crucial. Some people do not realize that the idea of molarity extends past solutions and can be applied to pure substances (only the solvent). It is fun to get the science community thinking!

In-Depth Gas Law Problem

Gas law problems are very useful in everyday life, so it is nice to be able to navigate them and all their possibilities.

Meiosis vs. Mitosis…which is which again? Part 1

I remember when I first learned about Mitosis in biology,I was like “oh ok that makes sense” and then I learned about Meiosis and my immediate reaction was… “didn’t we just learn about this”? It definitely does not help that they both start with “M’s”, I would continuously get them confused and was not really…

Wave Interference

Waves have the unique property that they can simultaneously exist in the same place. When two waves occupy the same space, their functions are added together. When waves have opposite signed values when they pass through each other, they cancel out. This is known as destructive interference. When waves have same signed values when they…

Dihybrid Crosses

Dihybrid crosses. Total nightmares, right? AaBb x AAbb, etc. All too often your teachers will show you a giant 4×4 gamete Punnett to find the answer. They’ll tell you that there are too many alleles for a simple Punnett square. But that isn’t true. As a matter of fact, you can use the little squares…