12 Physics Tutorials

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Energy Loss Incurred when Charging a Capacitor in a RC Circuit

Among their many applications, capacitors are often used as short-term energy storage elements in electronic systems. When a capacitor charges in a simple series RC (resistor-capacitor) circuit, the energy stored in the capacitor increases as it charges and the resistor dissipates energy as the capacitor charging current passes through it. Series resistance is present in…

Kinematics – Projectile Motion

In this problem, we will work on projectile motion. It is important in these types of problems to look at the given quantities and find the appropriate kinematic equation(s) to relate those to the quantity you are looking for. A diagram can help with this.

Wave Interference

Waves have the unique property that they can simultaneously exist in the same place. When two waves occupy the same space, their functions are added together. When waves have opposite signed values when they pass through each other, they cancel out. This is known as destructive interference. When waves have same signed values when they…

Motion of objects under gravity

Have you wondered why an apple hits the ground when it falls from a tree but why the moon does not hit the earth? In this tutorial, we will look at different types of motion under gravity.

Principle of Air Conditioning

In this tutorial, we will look at how we can transfer heat from a low temperature region to a high temperature region.

finding average speed

In situations where you are given different speeds and the average speed is required, you need to keep in mind that the average speed is by definition: total distance/time elapsed. People get this wrong all the time, trying to do s= (s1+s2+s3+.. )/(number of s’s). Be careful.

Classic Mechanics Problem – Newton’s three laws of motion

Newton’s three laws of motion is the most frequent topic that you’ll definitely be tested in high school or college mechanics physics courses. The first law is the law of inertia, which means objects will stay in the current motion (static or dynamic) unless an unbalanced force F applied. Second law is the formula F…

Electricity and Magnetism

This is one of the most common concepts that will be tested on your physics exam. Whether it tells you to solve capacitance, resistance, current, or volts, you should know how to use the correct formula for each problem.

Kinematics Equations Problem

One of the most important and basic concepts in physics is Kinematics. You will need to understand all of its formula and which to use in different problem sets. Here is a random sample problem below.

Conservation of Kinetic and Potential Energy

Energy comes in many different forms. It can’t be created or destroyed, but it can move between objects and change forms. The energy of motion of a moving object is called kinetic energy, and is given by the equation KE = 0.5m(v^2) Where m is the object’s mass, and v is the object’s velocity. Another…