7 Special Education Tutorials

These Special Education tutorials are written by experienced educators, all of whom also offer private tutoring lessons. Get the Special Education help you need, whether through these tutorials or through private tutoring lessons.

Understanding Basic Multiplication

In this tutorial, we will discover how multiplication works and how to multiply numbers.

Order of Operations

In life there are some things that must be done in a specific order or you won’t obtain a good result. For example, you must put on your socks before putting on your shoes, you cannot do it the other way around. When evaluating mathematical expressions you must also do it in a correct order.…

What is up with GH?

When these two letters get together, they never sound like they’re supposed to. What sound do you think they are supposed to make? When they are in the middle of a word they don’t make a sound. Like in these words: Might, light,frighten, taught, naughty, caught Can you think of any other words where gh…

Multiply by 2’s

When multiplying any numbers together, it does not matter which order the numbers are multiplied. For example, 2 times 4 can also be solved as 4 times 2. The number will still equal the same thing. When multiplying by 2’s, you are doubling the number opposite of the 2. When you are multiplying 2 times…

Sounding out a word

Words are easy to sound them out if the student focuses on the details of the word, for example the word “part”


How to add numbers. You first want to find the bigger number in the problem. Now you find the smaller number in the problem. Starting with big number count using the small number.

Reading for Information vs Reading for Comprehension

Elementary students have a very open mind which is just beginning to focus on the academic process. When reading, most elementary students think about how the information affects them or integrates into what they already know. When focusing on reading to answer questions, you have to train their minds to think only about what the…