40 Special Education Tutorials

These Special Education tutorials are written by experienced educators, all of whom also offer private tutoring lessons. Get the Special Education help you need, whether through these tutorials or through private tutoring lessons.

Writing numbers as tens and ones

Writing numbers as tens and ones is deconstructing the number, teaching the learner the different number places (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.). When asked to write a number as tens and ones, it is most helpful to draw pictures, either right next to the problem or using a scrap piece of paper.

Myths of Learning Disabilities

There are several myths about learning disabilities that can make things harder for students with learning disabilities and those seeking to help them. This is a short introduction to what learning disabilities are and how best to teach a student with learning disabilities.

How to Solve Exponents

Exponents are a new concept to some, but they are simple to solve. It is basically a shorter way to write a long multiplication problem.

Adding Fractions with Mutual Denominators

When adding fractions with mutual denominators, you automatically keep the mutual number as your denominator in your solution. To determine the numerator for your solution, you must add the two numerators in the problem.

How to do Addition

If you are having trouble with addition. Here are some easy steps. All you do is put the numbers together. You can even use your fingers.

Special Needs- Autism and Math Student

The student is on the autism spectrum and for the first time taking elementary math or in high school math. Is it possible to excel?

How To Improve K-6 Student Reading Skills

The problem with reading comprehension for K-6 students is that a student needs and understanding of the words that the student reads. Students cannot read words they do not know or recognize. The solution is to build up the student’s vocabulary and recognition of “sight words” – words that a student knows when they see…

How to Study Your Spelling Words

Spelling can be challenging. If you practice using a spelling strategy then you can become great at spelling! The Spelling Method you will use is easy and can be fun. You can spell the words with a partner, group or all by yourself.

Solving Ratios

To solve some ratio problems, multiplication or division must be used to reduce or simplify the ratio terms. For example, at Acme Academy, there are 260 boys and 240 girls.

Trouble Focusing on Studys

This Tutorial is to help you if you have ADD and can’t focus on a task, I had ADD in high school. I could not focus on a task that was longer than about a half an hour, But this is a simple technique that helped me get through my troubles. This helped me get…