11 Elementary Math (K-6th) Tutorials

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Reason for Order of Operations – Part 2

In this tutorial, we will look at a simple mixed addition and multiplication to illustrate the reason for order of operations from unit perspective.

Reason for Order of Operations – Part 1

In this tutorial, we will use a simple mixed addition and multiplication example to illustrate the reason for order of operations


Mathematics began when people started to count and measure.Counting and measuring are part of everyday life.Every language in the world contains words for numbers and measures.People have always used their figures to help them when counting which lead to collecting in groups.When numbers are group in tens , the system of counting is known as…


One of the branch of mathematics is most usually concerned with the numbers and various operations on numbers.There are two elementary concepts,known as “Factors and Multiples” studied in arithmetic.The proper knowledge of “factors and multiples ” is very important since these two concept are used in mathematics quite often.


The rules for divisibility helps to easily determines when a number divides another number exactly without any remainder.

5 Pin Bowling Score Sheet

Playing 5 pin bowling is a great way to reinforce adding to 5, counting by 5’s and adding 2 digit numbers.

Math question 1

Jenny and Jill are best friends and they both have 12 blocks each. Jenny’s blocks are green and Jill’s blocks are yellow.

Understanding Basic Multiplication

In this tutorial, we will discover how multiplication works and how to multiply numbers.

Order of Operations

In life there are some things that must be done in a specific order or you won’t obtain a good result. For example, you must put on your socks before putting on your shoes, you cannot do it the other way around. When evaluating mathematical expressions you must also do it in a correct order.…

Multiply by 2’s

When multiplying any numbers together, it does not matter which order the numbers are multiplied. For example, 2 times 4 can also be solved as 4 times 2. The number will still equal the same thing. When multiplying by 2’s, you are doubling the number opposite of the 2. When you are multiplying 2 times…