6 ACT English Tutorials

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Simple is Usually Better

When taking the English portion of the ACT, students will run into questions in which a sentence is grammatically incorrect and they will need to choose the best option to change it. Often, two of these answers are actually grammatically correct, however, one will be more simple, and one will often add details or extra…

subject and verb agreement

Ana is big. they are beautiful. she is kind. I am cheerful. She was crying yesterday. We were here last month.

Pronouncing the English TH sound

Most people learning English as a foreign language have problems with pronouncing words correctly, and since we speak with sounds pronouncing a word incorrectly can end up in devastating consequences.

Essay Writing Example: Defining Self-Concept

To create a clear expository essay, begin with a list of verifiable facts and quotes from recognized experts. Progressive steps of organizing, prioritizing, and clarifying information should conclude with a concise summary of previous material and any final observations or conclusions.

Skimming 101

We have been hard-wired, for years, to “read the directions fully and completely” or to “read the following passage fully and completely,” but on the ACT, we’re to do the opposite to maximize time. The art of skimming is a necessary tool in life, and the ACT is the perfect time to hone your skills…

Usage “Grammar” Skills

The writing rules tested on the ACT can be grouped into two categories: Usage and Rhetoric. Usage skills are what you classically call “Grammar Rules,” such as punctuation, subject/verb agreement, and verb tenses. Let’s look at an example usage question commonly found on the ACT.