3 SAT Math Tutorials

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Multiplication of Numbers

Have you ever thought multiplication is very difficult for large numbers. Well then, you’re here at the right place then.It’s more of a shortcut of the normal long multiplication process.

Direct Variation vs. Inverse Variation

The SAT often asks questions about direct variation and inverse variation. These questions use wording like “…varies directly with…”, “…varies inversely with…”, “…is directly proportional to…” and “…is inversely proportional to…” The formulas for direct and inverse variation are as follows. Direct Variation As one variable increases, the other variable increases proportionately.

    \[ y=kx \]

SAT Remainder Questions: Divisibility, Factors, and Multiples

The SAT often asks questions about remainders. These questions require you to work with divisibility, factors, and multiples. Here is a typical SAT remainder question.