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Structuring an Argument: The Toulmin Model

The art of effective arguing is lost on most people these days, but you don’t have to be one of them wandering in the dark. Luckily, our friend Mr Toulmin has put together a little model to help us craft coherent arguments. And to help you write better essays.

Order of Operations

Reviewing basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Reviewing upper level arithmetic: parentheses, exponents

Organizing An Essay

You have to write an essay. Its due date is coming up or it’s just been assigned–either way, it needs to get written. The first step is to gather up what you want to say. The second step is to organize it. So how do you organize an essay? It’s easier than you think. All…

Adding Fractions with Mutual Denominators

When adding fractions with mutual denominators, you automatically keep the mutual number as your denominator in your solution. To determine the numerator for your solution, you must add the two numerators in the problem.

Choosing a Major

When deciding the college a student wants to attend, a big factor is what majors they offer. When looking a long list of offered major, students can feel overwhelmed and think that they have to choose a major when they start college.

How to Surf through a language and make it your own

Learning a new language for a lot of people can be pretty frustrating. Not being able to understand, to pronounce, feeling silly speaking are some of the few problems someone may encounter attempting to learn a new language.

Types of Rhetoric and How to Identify Them

Have you ever had a teacher hand you pages of reading to do, and tell you to annotate? It’s all well and good — until you stare at the words and realize that you’re not sure how to take notes that will actually be useful in discussions or on quizzes. This tutorial will help you…


Identify Root Causes To correctly identify a root cause, a complete understanding of the process is necessary. This does not mean just understanding how a process was designed to work. It means understanding how the process is actually working. To accomplish this you need to: Have clearly defined goals for data collection Identify the data…

Period, Comma, or Semi-colon

When is it appropriate to use a comma, period, or semi-colon? This is a question that most students I have encountered struggle with. They are often times used incorrectly, and this tutorial is designed to help identify when and where a semi-colon (also spelled semicolon), period, and comma should be placed for the most efficient…

Using Basic ETRE; What ETRE is

If you are taking french or trying to learn french it is extremely important to learn ETRE as your first verb. ETRE stands for “to be” and will help you slowly transition into being able to make simple sentences in french. You will use the verb ETRE in almost ever composition, conversation or essay that…