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-are Verb Present Tense Conjugation

In Italian, there are three main conjugation groups: -are, -ere, and -ire. The first of these, -are, is very common. Some examples include: giocare (to play), studiare (to study), and pagare (to pay). There are six forms for -are in the present tense. io (first person, singular: I) tu (second person, singular: You) Lei, lei/lui…

Mental Math Addition

Mental math is a valuable tool that can save you time during a test. With some simple tricks and practice, this is a skill you can acquire.

Tariffs from the Gilded Age to the 21st Century

One of the most contentious issues of the Gilded Age (late 19th century) was how tariffs should be applied. Around it circled other political concerns such as currency, civil service reform, farmer discontent, the rise of agrarian revolt, and industrial values.

Same word, Different Meaning!

The English language has so many ways to express themselves through words. It can be difficult and confusing to young children. These words sound the same but have different meaning and spellings!

Solve Absolute value inequation.

The absolute value has two parts so like |x| can be written as x for x>=0 and -x for x

Late Roman Antiquity

The issue surrounding late Roman antiquity was not that Rome fell, but rather if it just simply ceased to exist. When Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor, was taken down by Odoacer around AD 571, Rome was redefined, but how?

Solving problems including direct proportionality

These types of problems seem to be very simple , yet students have a lot of problems solving them due to lengthy solutions given by most of school teachers. In here we’ll solve them the easy, and fast way. Difficult wording is another issue, so we’ll analyze the problem to find the key numbers that…

Introduction to Accounting Part 1: Transactions

Accounting is recording transactions and summarizing data. A company has assets (like cash, inventory, patents, buildings, investments) that provide future benefits. The total value of the assets is made up of equity (money the company made or money owners put in) as well as liabilities (money the company borrowed). The accounting equation is assets=liabilities+equity: what…

Introduction to Complex Numbers

Consider the equation x^2=-1. Since squaring any number is 0 or larger, no real number will make this equation true. Create a number i such that i^2=-1. By “adding” i to the real numbers, the complex numbers (having the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers) are created. Visually represent a point a+bi…


Exponents can be hard for some students here is a quick way to help them.