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Principle of Air Conditioning

In this tutorial, we will look at how we can transfer heat from a low temperature region to a high temperature region.

Writing an Effective Essay

Writing in any level of schooling can be a hard task to do, especially if you don’t enjoy the act of writing, or you have difficulties gathering enough mental data to compile into an effective paper that would score high on the scale. This tutorial will hopefully help you by giving you an insight from…

Real number system,operations.The idea of set and setoperations

The setof natural numbers,the set of wole numbers,the set of integers numbers,the set of rational numbers,the set of irrational numbers,the set of real numbers.Relationship of the set of the numbers.

Graphical Interpretation

A great deal of the ACT Science section that I have interacted with has to do with being able to read and accurately interpret graphs. Here I include a sample problem and the way that I interpret the information.

L’Hospital Rule

Is indeterminate form the only condition we need to check before using L’Hospital Rule?

Reason for Order of Operations – Part 2

In this tutorial, we will look at a simple mixed addition and multiplication to illustrate the reason for order of operations from unit perspective.

Reason for Order of Operations – Part 1

In this tutorial, we will use a simple mixed addition and multiplication example to illustrate the reason for order of operations

A Journey On The HMS Bounty

The English navigator Henry Hudson, set out to discover a northwest passage through the Arctic Circle to Asia. His crew became disillusioned with the New York based voyage and cast Hudson away as they commandeered the ship as their own. In 1611, the English captain was left abandoned to fend for his survival and was…

FUNdamentals of U.S. History

Is it possible to make history FUN? History can be fun and interesting if delivered in a way that the student one understands the objective and secondly is aware of the goals expected in the lesson. History is filled with dates, names and other information that a student must learn, however this can taught in…

Solving Equations with Variables

The following is an example of an equation that requires multiplication, addition and subtraction knowledge with variables. This equation is solving for X. The final result should include variable X on one side of the equal sign with an number on the other.