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Equations of Parallel Lines

Non-vertical lines, or lines that have positive, negative or undefined slope, are parallel if they have the same slope and different y-intercepts. Vertical lines, which have zero slope, are parallel if they have the same slope and different x-intercepts.

Prime Factorization

This tutorial is on prime factorization and how to do it step by step. This is a really important process and one that can be very confusing at times. One can easily mess up and get the wrong answer. So let’s jump right in and learn the concept of factorization!

Solving 2-Step Equations

Solving 2-Step equations may seem hard at first but becomes really quite easy after you get the hang of it. It simply consists of isolating the variable within the equation.

Order of Operations

Order of operations is a building block for basic mathematics. Without this skill math can become difficult and result in the incorrect answer. We use the mnemonic PEMDAS to learn this skill. PEMDAS identifies order of operations reading left to right. P; Parenthesis E; Exponents M; Multiplication D; Division A; Addition S; Subtraction Follow this…

Solving problems

This example is helping first graders how to add. The example will be shown step by step and gives the child a first had look at how to solve an addition problem.

Graphing on a Graphing Calculator

Once students begin to take classes on pre-calculus or beyond, instructors begin requiring them to draw and solve for the graphs of an equation (or even multiple equations!) This task can be daunting, but a graphing calculator can save the day! These handy devices draw, trace, and even solve for aspects of a graph. In…

They’re over There, and Their Grammar, I swear!

Do YOU know the difference between they’re, their, and there, and whether these homophones are used correctly in written communication? It may seem like a silly question, but when I open a letter, a document, or even a newspaper, I often find the misuse of these three simple words, words that sound the same, but…

Bezeihungen: Die Arbeitsplätze – Relations Part 3.

Greetings, Today we are learning another human relation. We are going to talk about workplace. Workplace is said in German as followed: Die Arbeitsplätze (dee-ahr-bah-eet-sch-plaetseh). The word “Arbeit” is “work” which has the verb “arbeiten”. So for example, you can say: “Sie arbeiten” meaning “they work”.

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

Remember how funny it was to hear Yoda speak in the Star Wars films? That’s because word order matters in sentences. Unfortunately, translating thoughts from one language to another isn’t always smooth sailing and you might sounds like Yoda if you don’t know the rules. Here are some tips on formulating Spanish sentences so that…

Conic sections : vertices, foci and eccentricity of an ellipse.

From the equation of a conic section, here an ellipse described by 9x^2 + 36y^2 = 324, we will find vertices, foci and eccentricity. Given the equation, an oval of center (H,K) can be traced. A path of points traced (x,y) so that the sum of its distances from two fixed points is constant. The…