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Preparing for the GED

I know that there are multiple subjects on the GED (math, science, social studies, reading, and writing), and they can be difficult to prepare for. Khan Academy is a great way to get a visual and auditory lesson on subjects. However, the test taking process can be anxiety provoking. Being prepared for the GED is…

When to use certain words

Quite a lot of people still seem to have difficulty when or where to apply to, two, too, were, we’re, where, there, their, they’re. Hopefully we can break down some of these to be better understood, and less of a hassle to work with in the future.

Simple Derivative calculation

Derivatives are the foundation of calculus 1. Calculus 1 focuses on the study of derivatives and how it can change. There are different rules such as product, and quotient rules. These problems occur frequently and require such use of derivation techniques.

Solving Quadratic Equations Using Factoring

A Quadratic Equation at this level usually looks something like this: 2x + 4x – 6 = 0 I will explain the easiest way to solve a quadratic equation.

Math question 1

Jenny and Jill are best friends and they both have 12 blocks each. Jenny’s blocks are green and Jill’s blocks are yellow.

Simplify the reading task

Reading is very effective when practiced in bite size lessons. Keep it short adding a few difficult words in the text, so your students find it easy to grasp and eventually gain pace in reading.


Writing a paper? Can’t remember how to cite that novel you quoted on the second page? No worries! Very simple!

Social Media

People tend to write how they talk on Social Media.

Learning to Decipher Challenging Writing and Old English

Writers, even the historical ones, have feelings. I know that that is a shocking thing to realize, but it’s true. When you learn to connect with what feelings any given writer is trying to express, it makes it easy to understand passages that otherwise seemed to be too wordy or complex.

Reading Section 1

When it comes to reading, it is easier to understand what the piece is about when you deconstruct it. For books, textbooks, or short stories, I recommend breaking them up by paragraph. First read one paragraph and break down the sentences by what you think they mean. This will give you a better understanding of…